Who are you going to be this Halloween?

With only 5 days left until Halloween, time is running out for you to get your costumes!  So tell me, who are you going to be this year?

Are you going to dress up as “Snookie” from The Jersey Shore?

Snookie Halloween Costume

Love the wig.

Or maybe like Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino also from the Jersey Shore?

"The Situation" Halloween Costume

Feeling like a guido?

Or, what about Justin Beiber?

Justin Bieber Wig Costume

Bahaha. NO comment.

photo credit

Or maybe, you more of a Kick Ass type of guy?

Kick Ass Halloween Costume

Oh yeah, that's Kick ASS.

What about umm..any one of Lady Gaga’s personas?

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

Red Lady Gala?

Lady Gaga Halloween costume

White Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga Halloween costume

or Kermit Lady Gaga!

Or maybe you and your friends want to bring back the Power Rangers from the dead!  (But Pink and Green are already taken, by me and @bloggerseif respectively..oh, and purple by @jennhaddad) 😀

Power Rangers Costumes

Go Go Power Rangers!

Or maybe, just maayyybe you’re feeling especially crazy,,and want to dress up likeee..

Shrek Gingerbread Man Warrior (say whaaatt! No, I didn’t make that up!  It’s the actual name of the costume on Amazon..bizarre I know!)

Shrek Gingerbread man costume

Umm..yeah. Ten dollars to whoever dresses up like my man gingerbread over here!

All costumes (except Bieber’s wig) can be found here...Happy Halloweeeeeen everyone!



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5 responses to “Who are you going to be this Halloween?

  1. bahahahahaha
    J-wow has some nice boobs…gna go wit that 😛

  2. Mom

    Isabelle is going to be a honey bee and I’m going to be a queen bee … for real!!! We even got matching shoes! Jonathan is too cool to dress up, but then again, he doesn’t need to really – he can just be Justin Bieber with his look alike haircut! He will hate me for that!!!

  3. rita

    where can i find costumes is Lebanon ?

  4. Lebanese

    I Want Gaga !!!! is there a Jo Calderone Costume ?

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