10 things you should know about smoking

If this isn’t enough to stop you from smoking, I don’t know WHAT is!!  Big UPs to Joelle Hatem (@joellehatem) for creating such a great infographic!

10Things-SmokingInLebanonF (1)

Joelle Hatem's smoking infographic..the most shocking thing I learned from this graphic is that smoking one nargileh is equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes! NASTY!

Reading this made me realize how I need to avoid all establishments that permit smoking..Even as a non-smoker I’m subjecting myself to about 2-4 cigarettes daily! Not cool. Not at all.

Thanks again Joelle!



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3 responses to “10 things you should know about smoking

  1. Simon

    It’s pathetic that something which is scientifically proven that it kills more humans than anything else is still allowed to be produced and sold!
    It’s all about the money!

    It doesn’t help that the lebanese government doesn’t do anything about it. How can they pretend to care, when a packet of cigarettes costs only 1$? They should tax it like crazy, increase the price to 5$. A packet of cigarettes here costs 12$

    I promise you the day i become emperor, I will ban cigarettes in all public places and indoors. You will need a special permit to smoke! hehehe maybe thats too much…

  2. ZouZeta

    Thanks for the info.
    we should think of ways to do something about it, since our government isn’t.

  3. Laurie

    I am living in Lebanon with my Lebanese husband, who used to smoke more than a pack a day. He quit 3 months ago after my daily encouragement (aka nagging), and he says he has never felt better.

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