Remember the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project I wrote about a couple of weeks ago?  Well, just to jog your memory, the nightlife project, spearheaded by Smirnoff, aims to help people discover and celebrate nightlife from around the world.. (thank youuu Smirnoff!)

14 global cities are participating in this project including Beirut, Miami, Bangkok, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Capetown, Warsaw, Berlin, London, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Dublin, and Bangalore…Each city will be paired with another, and on November 27, a nightlife exchange will take place..when each of the participating cities will exchange (via virtual crates) the best of their local nightlife with their partner city!  Sounds like a partaaaaay, doesn’t it?

Last week, Smirnoff revealed the pairings of each city..and guess who Beirut got paired up with?!?!  (No.. not Miami like I had predicted, which is probably for the best, as believe it or not, Miami and Beirut nightlife are very similar..)

:::::::::::::Drummmmmroollllll::::::::::::::::..Beirut got paired up with BANGKOK!!  That’s righttttt!  This is going to be amazing..!

DJ Madjam

DJ MadJam at BO-18 during the exchange revealing event last week..

I went to Bangkok and Phuket in March of 2008 with 30 of my friends from University..and needless to say, we had THE TIME OF OUR LIVEEEESSSSS!  I remember coming back to Miami exhausted after 10 days of non-stop action in Thailand…My friends and I still reminisce about all of the crazy things we did that spring definitely was one to remember.  Imagine arriving to a nightclub in a “tuk tuk” or auto rickshaw.  Insane!  I think I have a picture of it somewhere..yep, here we are!

Travel to Bangkok

Me and my friends in our PIMP tuk tuk ride in Bangkok, Thailand

..and here are some other friends on their first Tuk Tuk ride..

Tuk Tuk Thailand

My friends on their Tuk Tuk ride in Bangkok, Thailand

I wonder if they will ship some TUK TUK’s over from Thailand..that would be cool..wonder how the Beirutis will respond to that one.. 🙂

Thailand is a country equally as packed with opportunities for cultural/spiritual excursions as for nightlife and entertainment..  And the Thais?  Easily some of the friendliest people I have ever met..They’re famous the world over for their smile..

Anyway..back to the Nightlife Exchange Party..

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project Beirut and Bangkok

From Beirut to Bangkok and back!

According to a press release about the event,

“Fans can expect to sample a taste of Thailand’s world famous “Full Moon Party” that is certain to be full of surprises that will keep the party going until the early morning. The evening will include some jaw dropping performances by fire artists, who will dazzle the crowd with their skillful fire play, to create the most extraordinary evening.

Straight from Thailand, the talented DJ “Boy Backyard” will spin progressive, break-beat, and electronic tunes, right out of headlining the Pattaya Music Festival, the biggest such festival in Thailand.

As part of the entire exchange, Kenji, the worldwide Global Smirnoff Ambassador has developed a local version of the Smirnoff Moscow Mule adapted to each country. People in Thailand will get to taste the “Ater” (sugar syrup) infused Mule, inspired by Beirut’s local flavour, while partiers in Beirut will get a taste of lemongrass in their drink.”

Lemongrass Smirnoff Cocktails, a Thai DJ, Thai performers, and  Thai food?  I’m sooo there.

Where will the party be held?  For now, that’s a secret..but as soon as I know, you will know.

So until then, I’ll leave you with a few more photos from my trip to Thailand..Enjoyyy and see you on November 27th!  (You will likely find me parked next to the Pad Thai station at the beginning of the night, a girl’s gotta eat!) 😉  Oh, and btw, Sawadeka is Thai for Hello!

Bangkok, Thailand

At at temple in Bangkok..I see Buddhas in our future..

Phuket, Thailand

Us on our cruise in Phuket, Thailand..we were heading to the islands where the movie 'The Beach" was filmed...

Bangkok, Thailand

Statues at a temple in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

How beautiful is this? More temples in Thailand..

River cruise Thailand

a river cruise in Thailand..

Bangkok, Thailand

That would be my friend Cori taking in the splendor of one of Thailand's many temples..



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2 responses to “Sawadeka!!

  1. nat

    Loved this piece, dani!
    Can’t wait! X

  2. ou I loved Thailand when I went in 07 😀
    Lovely post!

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