My first 2 page spread!

Remember that post I wrote, 40 things I’ve learned since moving to Lebanon? Well, because it was so popular with all of YOU, it was featured in this month’s 3D issue of RagMag!  So, a big THANK YOU to all of my readers!


This month's 3D issue of Rag Mag, 3D glasses, and my thumb 🙂

When they told me that my post would be reprinted, I didn’t think that I would have a two page spread, with pictures!


My spread! Isn't it nice?

Naturally, I read the magazine from front to back, well..more like back to front..and what is most striking about this magazine is the breadth of topics it covers.  The people at RagMag are right to call it a “social” magazine.

There truly is something for everyone within the pages of RagMag.  You have features on such varied subjects as fashion, diving, ECON 101 – or lack there of in Lebanese society, Beirut’s underground poetry scene, domestic violence, travel, healthy eating, how to set career goals, the glamorization of cocaine in pop culture, Lebanon’s dying marine life, relationship advice, art (if I had between 10k and 70k to spare I would definitely buy one the photographs in the “One Thousand and One Dreams” photographic series by Marco Guerra and Yasmina Alaoui!!) as well as reviews of CDs, books, DVD’s and even video games..only to name a few.  Not only that, but it is the first social magazine in Lebanon to do a 3D concept..most of the photographs in the magazine only truly come to life when you put on the 3D make sure you put them on!

All of this to say, I’m proud to be featured in this month’s edition of RagMag..go and pick it up, it is definitely worth a read!



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42 responses to “My first 2 page spread!

  1. Lisa

    Wow Danielle, what a great honour. We are proud of you.

  2. ZouZeta

    will pick it up this afternoon 😀

  3. Well done!!! That is so great and well deserved 🙂

  4. lmao at number 7!!! great article 🙂 congrats

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  6. It was a great post, something definitely worth sharing. congrats 🙂

  7. It was a great post! Well deserved. Congratulations

  8. Martin Scott

    A Star is born ! Wow ! Zowie ! Are we proud of you or what ?
    Grumpy and Granny

  9. Wonderful Danielle 😀 Congrats 😀

  10. Patrick

    Gongrats and well deserved!

    This reader is proud of you but not really surprised 😉

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Sietske

    Mabrouk mabrouk. But hey, when it is good, it is GOOD!

  12. Simon

    Real happy for you Dani 🙂
    you deserve all the recognition you get. your blog has always been insightful and an eye opener.

  13. SeifAndBeirut

    You go Danielle!! Mabrouk on your two page spread! That’s the second time for you in a Lebanese Magazine! First in ArabAd along with me, and now RagMag! You’ve got some awesome talent my dear!!
    Keep it up HA-BOOB (just for you lol)

  14. Congrats. It was def. a great post- I showed many of my friends here in Canada and made it a good old note on facebook.

  15. Laura

    Hey, congrats on the printing! I just found your blog, and really like it. I am from Texas and actually planning on moving to Beirut in July, do you know of any places to begin looking for a job? I was there in July this year and fell in love with it so am just kind of taking the plunge and seeing where it goes since I am graduate from college in December.

    • meinlebanon

      Hey Laura! Well you could look on the best is to ask around..what type of job are you looking for! goooood luck! you won’t regret moving here, it’s amazing! 😀

      • Laura

        Aww thanks for the site , I appreciate it. I’m pretty much looking for anything someone can get with a BA that will pay the bills. I speak Arabic and will speak a little bit of French… but yeah I don’t really know what kinds of jobs are available. I may be going to AUB too to get a masters, but I am just working on the application right now and not sure if I want to do an MA yet or not, so basically just planning on trying to work. Did you have your job before you went? I haven’t backlogged too far yet and figured out exactly how you made it there.

  16. Leila khauli

    Well Done!

  17. Wow, that’s amazing! Totally deserved too, that was one of my favorite posts!

  18. Dar El Akhdar

    Awesome stuff Dani – respect!

  19. Wow!

    Congrats! Keep it up.

  20. Joanna

    Congrats Danielleeeeeee! that’s awesome! very proud 🙂

  21. Lorena

    Way to go! Loved the list!!! 🙂 Too bad didn’t catch you at GeekFest last Thurs. Safe travels back to Miami!

  22. YAY congrats Danielle. It was really one awesome post!

  23. Awesome Dani! Your spread looks rly nice… The layout and design are very catchy.
    Mabruk =)

  24. Mom

    I am in total awe of all that you have accomplished through you writing Danielle. My heart swells with pride … and my eyes with tears (happy ones!!)

    • meinlebanon

      Aww Mom. 🙂 It all started because of YOU. And it all continues because of YOU. Can’t wait for you to come to Lebanon and see everything for yourself!

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