What YOU can learn from a SNOB in a Taxi

Was coming to work in a taxi this morning, when I looked down and saw that the driver had very nicely put magazines in his backseat pocket for his passengers to read..

Fashion magazines Lebanon

Taxi cab reading..

Nice gesture..but I wish he had a bit of a better selection!  For some reason he only chose Lebanese beauty and fashion magazines…and I got stuck with SNOB!… the one magazine I’m not at all interested in reading, especially not at 8:30 in the morning!!

Snob magazine Lebanon

Snob magazine? Really?

What did I learn from a Snob in a taxi?  well..that placing publications in taxis is a great way to reach people..imagine how many people your publication (or promotional item, or advertisement, etc etc) would come into contact with on a daily basis..

The only challenge being getting taxi drivers to agree to it, which I don’t think should be a problem.  Just explain to them that you are adding value to their service! 😉

All low budget publications out there, take note..and give me something better to read in the morning than SNOB magazine!


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13 responses to “What YOU can learn from a SNOB in a Taxi

  1. That is a new & clever idea!!
    It will definitely entertain the passengers in the traffic 😉

  2. Dudette I love those types of magazines! It provides lots of material I can make fun of 😉 Have a great day!

  3. Joanna

    wouldn’t people get car sick?
    otherwise great idea

    • meinlebanon

      I’ve never had a problem reading while in the backseat of the car,,that’s probably why I didn’t think of it. Especially with magazines..since I’m always flipping pages and going front to back and back to front.. but maybe some people do get car sick..thanks for point that out! Anyway I thought it was a good alternative to looking at all of the chaos around you while you’re taking a taxi ride! 😀

  4. This isn’t 100% the same but don’t they put advertisements in taxis in the US? Particularly New York? I remember someone telling me about that but I do not know how accurate this is.
    Ads might become annoying (even though I do love commercials) but magazines isn’t a bad idea. I don’t suppose the selection would be interesting to me. I have the same problem when I go to the hairdresser; I never read the magazines because they’re always the same type you mentioned!

    • I don’t read them, i just look at the pictures of Bridezillas & Botox 😛

      • meinlebanon

        yeah, totally! They are scary! And the worst part of it all, is that they think they are beautiful! ;/

    • meinlebanon

      To be honest with you, I’m not so sure. They probably do it in New York (anything is possible in NY) on the little screens that are in place for people to pay for the taxi using their credit card..but other than that, I haven’t really seen ads. But again, I didn’t take taxis nearly as much in Miami as I do here..At home, I took a taxi maaaaybe ten times in my life! And here, I take one twice..maybe three times a day! Too much if you ask me! 🙂 I could use some interesting reading material. Hope someone picks up on the idea. 😀

  5. They do this in nyc actually. I think it’s a nice idea. I just don’t think i can stomach such a sight in the morning. Now in the evening it can be an inspiration to throw out the alcohol thus cleanse my body

  6. A Voice from NY

    In NY, yellow cabs are all fitted with little touchscreen TVs that broadcasts the local news and weather (they may also run commercials but I have no idea considering I always turn it off when I get in a cab). Sometimes you can come across a magazine or newspaper in the backseat, but that’s usually because a previous passanger left it behind.

    The Black Cars (Private, Corporate Account Cars) usually have newspapers and industry related magazines in the backseat (i.e, The Wall Street Journal, NYTimes). But, there many times when those will dissappear – usually into another passanger’s briefcase.

    However, we do have free newspapers (Metro NY) which are handed out at subway entrances.

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