On shameless self promotion

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic recently, so I might as well come out and say it:

In a world where everyone is a self-proclaimed expert and hyperbole reigns supreme,  the ones who exercise humility gain the most respect.

Remember this the next time you catch yourself engaging in shameless self promotion.


Shameless self promotionShameless self promotionShameless self promotion

Shameless self promotion

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One response to “On shameless self promotion

  1. Lorena

    I’m so happy you wrote about this!

    Sigh. I’ve wanted to scream out so many times “stop posting your link everywhere!” to some people online but always kept my mouth shut out of politeness.

    Before people click send or post on Facebook or via any social network, they should take a sec to think of how their self-promotion is really making them look to the rest of the world: self-centered and desperate for any attention they can get.

    There’s a fine line between promotion and full-out spamming people – even when it comes to marketing products or events. It’s tricky, but an important part of courtesy and respect for others.

    Thanks for listening to my rant 😉 Keep up the great work on this blog!

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