Termos? Almonds? With an espresso?

I know these little termos/almond snacks are really common in Lebanon..Waiters usually bring them out when you order a beer, even if you already have your meal at the table (which I always thought was a little funny)..but is it common to bring them out when a customer orders an espresso?

This is what came with my espresso at Cafe Blanc yesterday..

Cafe Blanc Hamra

umm, I kinda just wanted more biscuits. 😀



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3 responses to “Termos? Almonds? With an espresso?

  1. Actually, no, that’s weird. :\

  2. Bassil

    lol! Epic “phail”!

  3. antonio elmokdsi

    hahahaha i dont know about the termos but i know that almond with espresso, make the flavour stronger and better something about nuts and coffee.. but yeh there is some places that do it in sydney they give u some nuts with ur espresso. i thought it was weird, but hey who doesnt like nuts…

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