The day roses fell from the sky..

Was taking a walk along the Corniche with some friends today (it was so beautiful outside, wasn’t it?), when roses started to fall from the sky.  That’s right, roses!  And not just any roses, but beautiful crimson roses..Now that’s something that doesn’t happen every day.

Roses falling from the sky Lebanon Independence Day

The roses in flight..

Leo Burnett Independence Day Rose Initiative

Catching the roses..

Leo Burnett Independence Day Rose Initiative

Roses,,falling from the sky..

I took one home with me to give you a better look.., aaaand here it is..

Roses falling from the sky Independence Day Lebanon

One of the many roses that fell from the sky... I can't believe each rose had its own individual parachute!

Roses falling from the sky Independence Day Lebanon..

A closer look..

Obviously, I don’t speak or read Arabic, so I had to have my friends translate. This is what they told me the message said,

Bihimayat Al Jonoud, Tanmou Al Wouroud” .. or

Under the protection of our soldiers, Flowers will blossom.”

Apparently, the message has a stronger symbolic meaning in Arabic, which gets lost in translation to English..Can anyone explain it to me?

Did anyone else see this?

What do you think about it?


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19 responses to “The day roses fell from the sky..

  1. alex

    It’s lame and stupid. perhaps the army should care less about roses and more about people.

    • Ali

      i think it’s a great idea, the sky was raining roses, not bullets, how cool is that!?

    • nadim

      cleary you are not lebanese , as you should be ashame of your self mate because no need to throw words about this original and lovely idea , either way i appologize in advance if in any mean my reply will upset you.

  2. Ali

    unfortunately i didn’t see it, but thank u for spreading the word, u made me see it through ur blog 🙂

  3. eRamzi

    actually is neither lame nor stupid.

    It send a very strong message to stand behind the Lebanese Armed Forces, and accept that the LAF could defend Lebanon’s sovereignty on its own and hence insure the country’s prosperity.

    whether that statement is accurate or not is debatable, however IMHO i think that’s quite the successful publicity stunt.

    just my two cents.

  4. alex

    A publicity stunt?
    who benefited?
    The army? do you really think parachuting roses on the corniche boosted the army?

    people saw roses coming down from a parachute and thought “amazing, from now on i’m supporting the army!”.

    I want the army to defend the country more than anything and they should. Parachuting roses does not help people believe that thought. It shows they have way too much time on their hands.

    • eRamzi

      easy there alex.
      reread what i wrote:

      “whether that statement is accurate or not is debatable”

      finally, i respectfully disagree with you.

      This in an attempt at appeasing the public and kindly reminding them to also support the only legitimate armed forces

  5. eRamzi


    it’s not the rose that is important in this. But the message.

    Just think about it this way:

    If the message was printed instead on a flyer without the rose, would it have attracted so much attention.

    In fact look at us, talking about it. The message was successfully transmitted.

    I say kudos to the Army and to the people behind this, but at the same time would also add, that now that you have successfully gotten your (LAF’s) point across, maybe its time to actually put all that brain power to work and appease the political situation to the best extent possible.

    Again, they get an A for effort.

  6. I think the way Ali explained it really gave it a beautiful twist. I wish I was there!

  7. I love the idea of it, has that element of surprise to it 🙂

  8. Remember in 2005 when the army had orders to block anti Syrian demonstrations? the barricades were opened when the army were presented with red roses from the demonstrators.
    Having said that I think now the time has changed and the army should stand by its people and not the people by its army. The army has still a long way to go to prove itself worthy and capable of protecting the people and the land. Every time thugs take to the streets the army sits and watches.

  9. Honestly, I love the idea and I wish I saw that. And your title says it well..the message is super powerful and whether some might find the idea of roses stupid well I think its a great beginning to spread peaceful and meaningful ideas. I cant remember the last time I heard about such a nice thing for Lebanon.

  10. John

    I heard it was leo burnett’s idea. This is really great

  11. I don’t really care if it’s a publicity stunt/lame/awesome/stupid/yatayata. I think their little parachutes are adorable. 😛

  12. Well in Arabic “Jounoud” and “Wouroud” rhyme. So it makes a greater impact in Arabic.

    I LOVE the idea. Roses fallin from the sky. Awesome stuff!

  13. I smiled so widely as I read this post!! I LOVE THIS IDEA. Roses falling from the sky… in the city of love (yes, I call Beirut my city of love and romance…weird i know). Great pics!

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