You should be ashamed of yourself!

As much of a pain it is to walk home carrying groceries, or to go downstairs just to get a piece of chocolate, there is something inherently wrong in having someone walk behind you carrying YOUR groceries, and in having someone deliver a chocolate bar, a box of cigarettes, a soda, or a bag of chips to YOUR job, just because YOU can’t be bothered to do it yourself!

Are you guilty of this type of behavior? (ehh hhemm @fadyroumieh) Were you one of the ones who told me I should get a chocolate bar delivered when I expressed my chocolate craving to you on Twitter?  (ehh hemm @salimfayed @mallydobb) You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

But it’s never too late to change,,just promise me you won’t do this anymore, ok?

It’s just shameful, it really is!

Delivery in Lebanon

It's bad enough that you're eating chocolate, smoking cigarettes, drinking soda, and eating chips. Have some dignity, and at least go and get them for yourself!



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21 responses to “You should be ashamed of yourself!

  1. Oh lighten up! After all, This IS Beirut! 😉

  2. All I was saying is that it was within the realm of possibility 😉 Wooden Bakery knows my number but that is about the limit of my delivery habits, that is what I have a car or two legs for.

    Khalil (@mallydobb)

  3. Actually, i get what you are saying but think about it this way. This service provides jobs for quite a number of people. So it’s not that bad afterall

    • meinlebanon

      I understand that.. I understand that it provides jobs. I just think it is one of those services that breeds laziness, thats all that I’m saying..

      Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with “delivery service” in the traditional sense..(ie. meals), actually I think its a great thing!..but for a candy bar? That’s something else know what I mean?

      Anyhow, I know this is not a reality, as long as the service is there, people will make use of it, but one can dream, right?!

      • yes i totally get what u mean. Sometimes, on sunday, I feel like a manouche but can’t be bothered to walk to get it. I used to feel weird/guilty ordering one or two only.
        I totally understand what u are saying. It is even absurd to get delivered a candy bar

  4. I really can’t see what’s wrong with getting stuff delivered. It’s like complaining that the McDonalds people cook for you.

    It’s a service that they’re providing of their own free will and they’re getting paid for it.. It’s their job..

    • i agree that this service is a great source of employment for many.
      However i do also agree with the fact that we in Lebanon do everything in our power to cut things short, to get it done without hassle or without EFFORT. its part of our psyche as a people and as consumers to always want to have everything for as little as possible.
      anyways, that’s a whole other issue, that requires a lot more time and effort to tackle. mmmm… i wonder if i can call and order a master debater to get this done for me.

    • meinlebanon

      Mustapha, you are missing my point entirely.

      Oh,..and I’ve never been one for fast food. 😉

  5. Unfortunately, this is beirut as we can see it..but it’s really a shame. Some of us fight for some independence and for more open mindedness when they’re not even able to wake up regarding their mistakes!!

  6. Well for a chocolate, you should walk down and get it, you know, so you can burn those calories 😛

  7. Oh I soooo get what you’re saying! Imagine here at my office even a small bottle of water gets to be delivered and the guy who gets them gets scolded and screamed at if he’s late (note he does a million things at the same time!)

    Its just unfair and sick!
    What a shame!

  8. ZouZeta

    well getting your own chocolate makes it taste much better… 😀

  9. Going to the grocery store and see all the kinds of chocolate and get to choose the one you want is what makes it special 😉

  10. Simon

    get off you lazy backside, go for a walk and get your water or chocolate! It’s good and recommended to get out of the office even for 5 min a day…

    Also if you only bought a bag load of stuff from the store, carry it yourself to the car!

  11. Joanna

    getting things delivered is THE bomb okay? 😛 Gosh Dani get with the program 😀 hiihihi

    • meinlebanon

      Ahhh Joanna! If it was up to you, it would be piggy day every day..! 😉

      • Joanna

        True dat!
        but come to think of it, our sacred ritual would lose its meaning if it became excessive…not to mention we would become obese 😛 hehhehe.. i think i’ll stick to one piggy day a week

  12. Libnaniya

    omy god!you are so strict.Nothing to be ashamed of at all this is how 1/4 of our economy makes a living
    if my twix costs 2000 I will also give the delivery boy 2000 liras and he leaves very happy so i dont see why you are complaining 🙂

  13. I am guilty of this delivery process in Lebanon…. not all the time, but majority of the time, I get things delivered.

  14. Asquared

    They would NEVER deliver ONE chocolate bar , you have to make a big order for them to deliver it.. so it’s possible to get your grocery list delivered but not just a chocolate bar. Not yet at least..

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