Signs at a corner.

Was talking a walk in Hazmieh this weekend when I came across this..a cluster of signs at a random street corner.

I didn’t really know what to think of it..but it just struck me as interesting.

Hazmieh, Lebanon

You must be pretty important to have your own sign telling people which way your "residence" is! Or maybe, it's because of the lack of street names and the difficulty of giving people directions?


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8 responses to “Signs at a corner.

  1. Simon

    It’ll be real funny if someone turned those signs to point upwards or downwards?

  2. You don’t need to be important, what you need is to full of oneself and pay the “Baladiyeh” (municipality) so that you can have your sign up.

    Only in Lebanon !

  3. You should see the number of signs like that in Adma, Keserwan. That place is almost like the Beverly Hills of Lebanon. I’ll try to snap a photo sometime.

  4. I always play try to find ur way when i have to figure out which one i need to look at to find my way… kinda confusing when driving

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