Kaak bi Knefeh

Remember when I said that that I didn’t like kaak?

Well, my colleagues convinced me I should give it another go, and ordered me a “Kaak bi Knefeh” this morning…

Let’s just say, I retract my previous statement.

Kaak Lebanon

Sinfully delicious.



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12 responses to “Kaak bi Knefeh

  1. Yummmyyyyy !!!!!! Just love love it! Now I’m craving some! Haha ! Sahtein Danielle

  2. They must have not told you how many calories this contains 🙂

  3. Bassil

    One of the best breakfasts. You still have to try different fillings!

  4. Alf

    It’s ok. for breakfast you;re allowed to have a heavy meal. we have a saying here that says:
    Have a king’s breakfast, a prince’s lunch and a poor person’s dinner 😛

  5. Looks so good! How could you hate that!
    Glad u changed ur mind 😛

  6. Yumm!! it’s been long time i didn’t have one!!
    #sahtein 🙂

  7. Man nothing beats the original knefeh filling. The perfect breakfast.

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