The Vine House..

Have you seen it?  It’s right across from the large Bar Bar in I guess what you would call “Upper Hamra.”..  I love how the vines have completely engulfed the house..

Old houses in Hamra

Isn't it a striking?



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11 responses to “The Vine House..

  1. Bassil

    There’s a similar house in Hamra on the same street where Ants & Flo are. It’s abandoned 😦 what a waste!

  2. The house on Spears Street! I always love looking @ it when I pass by it! (then stop @ Barbar for an AMAZING chew-your-fingers-after-eating-it Francisco sandwich)!

  3. It’s the house on Spears facing Zico house. I really love it. It’s so out of time.
    Hope it won’t be demolished just to be replaced by a monstruosity

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  5. That’s the beauty of Hamra, you always discover something new. I love the “Vine House” and also hope it won’t be destroyed 🙂

  6. Yes, I’ve seen it before! It’s really beautiful

  7. Simon

    I’m willing to bet that these buildings are on the heritage list, therefore the owners aren’t able to knock them down. by law they are only able to renovate them.
    Renovation is basically dead money! takes millions to renovate such a gorgeous building. So owners either sell them, or simply wait untill the building falls or becomes too damaged to renovate. Then they knock it down and build apartments and make millions!
    Well that’s how it’s done here in Sydney, most likely the same thing in Lebanon…

  8. Sietske

    Aha, a real genuine feral house! I love this place, but with the greenery. Virginia creeper, someone told me it is called (the plant, not the house). There’s antother even more beautiful one on that street, but it id behind a wall.

  9. YEAAAA the house on spears!!! i looooove it!!!

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