There’s a new cupcake man in town.

Have you guys seen the new cupcake spot, Cupcakery, that opened up across from Tasty on Jean D’ Arc street, Hamra last week?  Well, I discovered it as I was walking home yesterday, and decided to pop in and check it out..

I’ve never been one for cupcakes really..well the generic betty-crocker-mix cupcakes to be exact, that you find at every kids birthday party in the States.. they almost always taste really artificial, and the only thing I ever enjoyed was licking off the icing on top..well me and every other kid at the birthday party.  There would always be like 10 or 15 cupcakes left over, with no icing on them. 😉

But my sentiments toward cupcakes changed when I went to Magnolia Bakery, the gourmet bakery in NYC that the ladies of Sex and the City popularized.  Their cupcakes were a different type of cupcake..truly gourmet in every sense of the word (and also with a gourmet price tag..$3.25 per cupcake, and $13.00 for 4!)

Cupcakes Sex and the City

After Carrie and Miranda were seen eating Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes, the cupcake, once reserved for children's celebrations, was suddenly the most fashionable dessert. Thanks to their cute, single portion shape, the popularity of the cupcake remains strong even now, 12 years after their appearance on Sex and The City

photo and text credit.

It’s so funny how trends evolve, isn’t it?  Food trends especially.  Only a few years ago, I don’t think anyone would have dared bring cupcakes anywhere other than a children’s party..and now, they are considered a sign of style, status, and luxury… a “must have” for any chic get together..

I know, I know..the gourmet cupcake craze isn’t new, its been around the Middle East for a while now..almost everywhere I turn I see cafes with window signs reading “We also have cupcakes!” and I’ve read articles about how cupcakes are popular in Dubai and Amman as well..but correct me if I’m wrong, Cupcakery is the first place I’ve seen solely dedicated to cupcakes.  A pretty bold move on their part I should think..  and with prices between LL3,750 and LL4,250 a pop, they really have no choice but to make sure that their cupcakes stand up to the test! (Update: The cupcakery also sells cookies and brownies, oh and GIANT cupcakes!  My B!)

Anyway, I snapped a couple pictures of the place to show you.  Everything about the bakery is really attractive, from the decor, to the packaging (the Lebanese are the kings of packaging!), and of course the cupcakes!


Cupcakery by night..


Cupcakery by day...

The location is not even five minutes walk from AUB..a perfect spot for Cupcakery I should think.  I imagine most of their customers are some version of the below..


Typical customers.. "I'll take one of each please!"

The cupcakes are truly like little pieces of heaven..and each cupcake has a distinct design to go along with its name and flavor.  I bought three.  I forgot the exact names, but I bought one carrot cake (I think it’s called redhead), one banana nut and caramel, and one peanut butter and jelly (yum).  My favorite was the banana nut!  The cake itself is rich and moist, and the icing is creamy and velvety…

I will say one thing though.  The cupcakes are placed in this fridge like thing (see below), so it’s probably best to let them sit in room temperature for a little while before you eat them. 😀


Little pieces of heaven..


Love the packaging!


My Cupcakery box at home


The cupcake box folds out to reveal a cupcake holder..perfect for transporting cupcakes 😀

What do you think of the cupcake craze?  Where do you get your cupcakes?

Do you think The Cupcakery could be the one to outshine them all?

Check out Cupcakery’s website by clicking here!


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7 responses to “There’s a new cupcake man in town.

  1. Got me craving cupcakes now….that’s won’t top my banana birthday cake from 3 days ago, but hey I’m in for anything sweet! 😉

  2. Missed that!!! It’s crazy how things keep popping up and opening in Beirut. The Cupcakery looks really yummy and well thought out. Good luck to them. It’s what keeps Lebanon special 🙂

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  4. Love when they taste as well done cupcakes. it’s next to my aunt house, will definitely give it a try this wkend…

  5. That makes me happy should I ever get married in Lebanon. I love weddings lol and have mine planned. I want cupcakes instead of cake.

  6. It is great to know that there is another cupcake lover was able to open new cupcakery in town. How I wish you were able get a close up photos with their cupcakes to see their decorating. Best wishes for the new cupcakery. Thanks a lot for the info.

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