The sunglasses need to stay at home.

Happened to have on the TV last night (as you can tell from my previous post), when the program switched to coverage of the 4th annual New Arab Woman Forum which took place this past week.

Let’s just say, these screen shots I took made me think back to an excellent article I came across while reading BeirutSpring’s blog.

In the article titled “Posh Women’s Rights in the Middle East” journalist Dalila Mahdawi said,

“When I attended Nawf as a journalist last year, I was given a luxury leather notebook-holder as a welcoming present. Sadly, the notebook-holder was pretty much the only thing of substance to emerge from the proceedings. The file’s fashionable pink and brown colour scheme represents all that is wrong with Nawf, which seems to be more a gruesome parade of plastic surgery operations and couture outfits on the relatives of male political leaders than anything remotely to do with women’s empowerment.

For many involved in the struggle for gender equality, Nawf is as genuine a women’s event as many of the noses of its attendees. Last year’s session on political quotas, arguably one of the most important debates for women in the Arab world, for example, was butchered down to about 20 minutes so as to ensure it didn’t run into the obviously invaluable lunch break.”

The one thing Mahdawi failed to mention was the presence of oversized, dark sunglasses..

New Arab Woman Forum

Watching Coverage of the New Arab Woman Forum on TV

New Arab Woman Forum

..The flash must've been too much for her to handle..

New Arab Woman Forum

Not exactly sure who this lady is,..but she was important enough to interview, even with her sunglasses on!!.. Dark sunglasses at a forum about the role of women in the Arab society? Maaann.. I don't even know what to say!

What do you think about this?


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4 responses to “The sunglasses need to stay at home.

  1. Alf

    She’s a Syrian actress…

  2. The sunglasses definitely need to stay at home… or at least in the handbag!!! Heheheh 🙂

  3. It’s her “look”. Don’t you know?

  4. It’s her “look”. Don’t you know about the “look”?

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