How much chest is too much chest?

Lebanon has to be one of the few places on earth (along with New Jersey) where women and men compete over who can show the most chest.

Perfect example:  Meet my friends Salim (on the left) and Eddie (on the right).

Was having dinner with them the other night, when we started talking about how much chest is too much chest.  I told Salim he needs to button it up a notch (or two!), it’s just not cool to show too much chest..not for women, and definitely not for men.

I told Eddie he has it just right.

What do you think?  How much chest is too much chest?

Lebanese men

Meet Salim and Eddie..I'm sure you can tell that Salim is the crazier one of the two!



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13 responses to “How much chest is too much chest?

  1. hossun

    salim needed a chain to actually portray the too much chest..but i dnt think he’s overdone it, it can be acceptable sometimes. But in comparison with eddie, one can point out what u explained.

  2. Definitely too much chest Salim!!!! loooool 🙂

  3. Nat

    Hahaha, out of fear that I’ll be demoted from BFF status I will have to side with Salim.
    Loyalty aside though.. Eddie wins *whispers quietly*

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  5. JRK

    Yeah Salim is one button over the limit IMO. I usually never leave more than one button open on a shirt. Polos are different though. Depends on the situation too I guess.

  6. anateboteo

    I think it depends on the chest! (in such a case…button it up Salim)

  7. I go for button it up but if sometimes…sometimes… it’s kinda sexy with a black shirt 😛

  8. Maybe if he put on a necklace it would be better.
    And some guys have it much worse than Salim. This is actually more or less conservative 😛

  9. Don’t shows us urs if u don’t want to see ours

  10. Lorena

    lol! these guys are both nothing compared to most Lebanese men. I’ve seen so much worse – yet the men are always so proud of it! I don’t get it. Excessive chest hair and pot bellies have got to go! lol!

  11. Simon

    Have you noticed that most (not all, but most) leb guys carry the same look?
    – Beard
    – Tight Buttoned Shirt (funny since most leb guys are overweight with gut hanging!)
    – Tight jeans (please spare us the torture!)
    – Way Too Much Chest display (as shown by Salim)

  12. Nader

    Well, as long as he doesn’t show the ‘bouqet of hair’ coming out of his chest, I think its fine. Yet one of my close female friends told me “Girls love to see skin. Trust me”.

    I might.

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