What’s the one brand you can’t live without?

For some it’s Apple, for others its Rolex, and yet for others it is Ray Ban, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Nokia, Porshe, Gucci, Nike, MAC, Guess, Marc Jacobs, or Christian Louboutin..  That one brand that you just can’t live without.

For me, it’s none of those.  For me, it’s Nespresso.

I can go generic on almost everything, except my coffee!  It wakes me up after a bad night’s sleep..it helps me stay awake throughout the day..and sometimes, it even gives me personality!

I saved for a long time to be able to afford this baby.  But now that I got it, my life is complete.

Meet my Nespresso machine.

Nespresso Lebanon

Say hello to my little friend.

What’s the one brand you can’t live without?



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33 responses to “What’s the one brand you can’t live without?

  1. Adidas – love the shoes, flops, everything. =)

  2. Issam Klink

    Google, I’m sure it comes before Nespresso in your pecking order 🙂

  3. ZouZeta

    Canon… 🙂

  4. Apple is on top of my list although that list can kinda be long 😛

  5. Azmi

    I second on Google! I have an Android phone (Google Operating System), Gmail, Google Reader, Google Documents, Google Calendar, Google Search Engine and of course Google Maps/Earth

  6. Google… Rayban ….Nespresso (got the same machine in the office) …. Nescafe 3 in 1 ….. ummmmm Show Comedy 🙂

  7. A Voice from NY

    On semi-related note . . . I’ll be Lebanon in a couple of weeks and I need to know if a few of my “can’t live withouts” are readily available or should I bring some with me . . .

    – Coffee Mate Non-Dairy Creamer (last time I was there, family members handed me a can a Nido . . . I’m lactose intollerant so Nido is a MAJOR no-no for me)

    – Sanka (for my late nights at home when I want a cup of coffee without the caffine and I’m too lazy to get to a Starbucks)

    – Folgers (for my first cup of waking up, I must have Folders in my cup)

    Ok, so those are my daily must haves, now the following is a hodge-podge of items that I either use or have been asked to bring with me by members of the family so I’m wondering . . . I’m fairly certain I can probably find these items in Lebanon, but is there a major price difference btwn the cost there and the cost in the States?

    – MAC eyeshadow
    – MUFE eyeshadow
    – Olay (moisturizers, face washes)
    – Smashbox primer
    – Aleeve, Advil, Tylonol, and Tums
    – various perfumes by DKNY, Escada, Issey Miyake and Ferragamo

    HELP! If I can determine these items are available there and there is no major cost difference, then why the heck am I going to give up valuable packing space (and weight) when I can just buy the stuff in Lebanon.

    • This is Beirut

      For sure they can find MAC, Olay, and the perfumes here in Lebanon. In fact, they can get all three in the Beirut Souks alone! There’s a MAC store, a TSC (which sells Olay), and a store that sells perfume (I forgot the name but I know that it’s in DT for sure!) As for the other things, I thiiiiink I’ve seen folgers, although I’m not 100%. I’ve never heard of Sanka, what is it? And as for the coffee mate, I don’t think I’ve seen non-dairy either! While we’re on that note, I can’t find coffee creamer here to drink with my nespresso.. It’s infuriating..I look for it every time I go to the grocery! ARGH People just use regular milk, or coffee mate for their cream.. I need my creamer..wishing you a safe trip. How long are you staying for?

      • A Voice from NY


        Comparatively speaking – is there much of a price difference btwn the makeup/perfume there and the cost here?

        I’ll be in Beirut Dec. 28 – Jan. 16. Since I’m no longer going to be carrying the perfumes and makeup for other people – do you need anything from here? I’ll be more than happy to bring it along.

        Sanka is a naturally decaffinated instant coffee very similar to Folgers but has a nuttier flavor. Combine with a bit of coffee-mate and it’s like decaf heaven in a cup. I’ll be heading to the supermarket later so I’ll be sure to grab a jar, along with the Coffeemate for my trip (ummm, may haul some folger, just in case).

        Also, anyone know about the Advil, Aleeve, Tylonol and Tums?

  8. i love coffee, enjoy ur baby

  9. Nice! Do you keep it home or at the office?

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  12. Roger

    I dont need any brand to go through the day.
    But Nutella and Nescafe surely make the day a little more pleasant, and some occasional BMW. Microsoft helps pay the bills. Crest/Colgate. Axe.

  13. In the States they sell Nespresso machines at Costco. The same machine that cost me over $400 costs under $100 there. In the States they make money from the coffee capsules. In our region they make money from the machine and the capsules.

    • This is Beirut

      Well, I bought my machine and my capsules here! At the Nespresso store in ABC. There are very few things I’m willing to pay premium for. Good coffee is one of them.

  14. didie

    mmm i’d say apple, mango and too many shoes brand to be listed :p
    anw mabrouk!! 😀

  15. didie

    i dunno if my comment has been published so i re-publish it… :$
    so i’d say apple, mango and too many shoes brands to be listed 😀
    and i may add ZwZ kamen for the great support it gives me each time i end up my crazy night eating a man2ouche or fattoush there!
    anw mabrouk!!! 😀

  16. Yumilka

    Hey! so funny.. I have forwarded this post to a close friend of mine who works for Nespresso…I like my coffee from Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnouts, but prefer the local cafes and bakery…:0) hopefully when I go to Beirut I can fuind good cofee…any recommendation?

  17. Yumilka

    find* coffee*

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  19. Lorena

    Nespresso rocks! And they do a wonderful job of branding themselves and developing cool themes every season. Did you check out their Christmas products at their ABC store? 🙂

    Brands I can’t live without? Top-of-my-head: Apple, Canon, Starbucks, Zara, .. I’m sure there’s more but these ones top the list.

  20. Twinings, I have a very recent obsession for tea… Lady Grey tea more specifically. 🙂
    Zara, Celio, H&M… Can’t live without clothes right? 😉
    Canelle & LaDuree, I need my sugar!
    Rubik’s… Yeah, it’s a rubik’s cube brand 🙂

  21. Prada for me… definitely Prada.

  22. Where in beirut i can buy the capsules from ?
    please reply to:
    thank you

  23. Marie

    garlic,onion,Nescafé 3in1,converse,rice,iphone

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