What do you think of my new header?

Be honest.  Tell me what you think!


From this.


To this.

Update: Since you guys don’t like the new one, what do you think about this:


Second Update: The graphic designer compiled all of your comments, and created the header you see on my blog now.  I love it!  Hope you do too..  Thank you to all of you who left comments.  I really appreciate it!



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30 responses to “What do you think of my new header?

  1. I like ’em both. But I’m bias cuz my brother made the first one, right? 😛

  2. noooo,,, i prefer the old one!! much neater!!! if u want ty to have the plan trajectory overlayed on the old one in a way 😀

  3. The old one was so pretty!

  4. Definitely the old one! 🙂

  5. The old one attracts readers more 😉

  6. Well, knowing you and what your blog stands for, I surely like this new header!
    The work on the header is pretty nifty! Not to say that I’m a typical girl who loves pink, but the illustration done is quite cool!

    Dani girl, you could add some elements of the old banner, maybe some photos!
    But I like this one, it highlights your blog’s quest. A girl from Miami, coming to Beirut; exploring, narrating and socializing with everyone!


  7. YES! the 3rd one !
    we have a winner here!

  8. hmmm,, i like the update, but keep a white background,, and use the old pics in the collage 😉

  9. Marie

    I’d say 3rd one but I still like the old one 🙂

  10. LebExile

    old one is much better!
    both new headers look like something from Sesame street

  11. I like the concept of the “Miami to Beirut”, but the second option is definitely better!

  12. 3rd one if you really have to change>. otherwise, keep the old one 🙂

  13. Dar El Akhdar

    The third is definitely better than the second
    – but the first is sooo youuuu!! :))

  14. Here’s why I think the second one is a better option:
    It focuses more on the fact that you’re in beirut for now , and that you could eventually have a new stop. The new system is more representative of you, Danielle, because you’re on a visit to Beirut and sometime down the line you could move somewhere else.

    Now we have to solve the problem of having the word “beirut” in your blog’s name 😛

  15. didie

    i’m with Dany Awad on this one!! if you really want to/need to/ have to change then go with the 3rd one. Otherwise, just keep the old one, i really like it 🙂

  16. I prefer the old one too…
    Still, if I have to pick between 2 & 3, I would go for number 2

  17. Nader

    To me they’re both equally valuable as they portray the same meaning: From Miami to Beirut. I respect the fact that you’re a “Miamese” residing in our city, attempting to deal with its ups and downs, elites and weirdos, miracles and ordeals. I salute that

  18. Cristele

    The design of the header and its message are very original and nice . I like it more than the old one:)

  19. Lisa

    I like the first one. Clean and clear. Other two are a bit animated for me (but of course, I may be a bit OLD to be commenting).

  20. Asquared

    The 3rd one is definitely better than the 2nd one .. but the First one is just beautiful !!

  21. the second one is funky but i prefer the old one

  22. i love it…imma take it…and by that i mean..make it my wallpaper as inspiration for my personal goal..to get my miami ass
    (literally i have a miami ass) bak to lebanon!

  23. Just finally getting around to seeing the newest header. It’s really great!

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