Just to clarify..

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are a mixture of my experiences as well as the experiences of others. Therefore, any resemblance to people, companies, or businesses (unless clearly stated) is purely coincidental and should not be taken personally.

Thank you and stay tuned.



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4 responses to “Just to clarify..

  1. did you get threatened with a lawsuit as well?

  2. MM007

    We got ur back,don’t worry about anything or anyone,carry on,
    so Zaina is talking to Fadi-who is talking to Rola,Zaina has gained 4kg? OMG!!

    If ur in trouble with uncle Sam like Assange,then,please stop following me on twitter and demanding by force that I comment on your blog,why you are doing this?And no,I will not help you with your money scam scheme.Please leave me alone

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