Drivers to face fines for noise, rubbish-throwing
By The Daily Star

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BEIRUT: A new traffic law will fine people who throw rubbish out of their cars and drivers of vehicles that emit polluting smoke or irritating noises, Beirut MP Mohammad Qabbani said Tuesday after announcing that a parliamentary committee has finished revamping the current legislation.

“This law is strict in several points of which I will only mention two: throwing tissue paper, empty bottles and other waste [on the street] … will be fined by LL350,000 to be paid within 15 days, and if the deadline is not respected, it will go up to LL450,000,” Qabbani said, adding that any person refusing to pay would be referred to judiciary.

“Similarly, [owners] of cars that emit polluting smoke or noises that annoy other people on the street and surrounding neighborhoods will be fined up to LL350,000 and the vehicle will be confiscated,” added the lawmaker, who addressed reporters at the Parliament after chairing the parliamentary subcommittee that reformed the current traffic law.

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This is FANTASTIC news!  Finally, some real progress.



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6 responses to “FINALLY!

  1. Happy days.

    350,000 is an enormous fine for Lebanon.

    I’d be interested to know how much cash they’ll make on drunks with Xmas and New Year coming up…

    Who’s betting the majority of these won’t be enforced…?

  2. That’s wonderful news! I just hope it’s applied properly.

  3. They put up such articles every year, but nothing happens hopefully it would.

    • MM007_Jordan

      Lets hope this time it comes true,optimism always win
      Do you have a twitter account?You sound an interesting person, mine is MM007_Jordan
      Cheers 😉

  4. didie

    finally there’s a glimmer of hope concerning road issues in this country… can’t wait to see the real effects of this law!

  5. Like everything in Leb, they will probably enforce it for a month or so then it gets thrown back – like the seatbelt law and the crossroad law and………

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