I know I said that I prefer Lebanese breakfast over American breakfast..but that doesn’t mean that I don’t crave a little bacon and eggs and hash browns from time to time!  Anyway, if your looking for an American breakfast, semi-diner style..you have got to go to Ristretto.  It’s on the same street as Ferdinands (if you’re leaving Ferdiands you need to take a left), and it’s right underneath the Pearl Residence.

Da bomb.

Ristretto Hamra

Ristretto - American styled diner in Hamra

Ristretto Hamra

Oh yeah.

My only problem with it is that it’s closed on Sundays!  boo.  Hopefully that will change, and soon!



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7 responses to “Ristretto

  1. Two Words: Hungry Pete! *drool*

  2. I lived right next to ristretto 12 years ago. I loved the breakfast, but it also closed on Sundays, and I too wished that would change soon. Obviously it hasn’t, so don’t hold your breath.

  3. I know! I totally forgot about them closing on Sundays – was looking forward to scrambled eggs with bacon and hash-browns…… has to settle for Roadsters, but it wasn’t that bad – their pancakes this time around were actually nice and fluffy.

  4. Looks rly nice. Will definitely give it a try someday!

  5. KM

    my problem is that it closes on sundays too! I love this place cause it’s next to my school and they have delicious food , but I mean whatever happened to sunday brunch! so now i go to casablanca for the best brunch in town (they also serve the best bloody marry – 2-3 will knowck u out)


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