I finally made it to Gustav!

I won’t even attempt to top @mich1mich’s post about Gustav, but I will say that I’m really very happy that I finally visited Khaled (@arabear) and Noor (@chefnoor) at their charming pâtisserie, Gustav.

What is most striking about Gustav is not only the quality of ingredients that they use (Vanilla from Tahiti, Chocolate from Belgium), but how passionate they are about their work.  In this day and age, it’s very very rare to find people who love what they do so much that it ceases to be “work.”  Yet speaking to Khaled makes you realize that making a living out of doing what you love is still very much possibility!

To listen to Khaled talk about Gustav’s fleur de lis cake, creme brulee, or macaroons, is like listening to someone talk about their first true love.  His eyes and face light up, he starts gesturing with his hands, and he makes sure to use the most sensory words to get your taste buds going..

Gustav Hamra

Gustav from the outside

Gustav Hamra

Macaroon preparation...

Gustav Hamra

Creme Brulee and Fleur de lis cake at Gustav... de-outofthisworld-licious!

I’m sorry it took me so long to visit, and am so happy to have such a wonderful addition to the neighborhood..  I will surely be back again soon, very soon.


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5 responses to “I finally made it to Gustav!

  1. NMRoy

    I totally second that, la Creme Brulee is simply amazing! Not to mention everything else.

  2. Thanks sweetie for the mention and link to Mich Cafe… Glad you made it finally and I suppose you are hooked now too! And yes, talking to Khaled and Noor are the icing on the very delicious sweets they offer with such passion. Enjoy your time with the family. I hope they will love Lebanon as much as you do. Wish you all the best for the New Year 🙂

  3. Ha HA! Finally made it to heaven on earth – addicted yet? I think I am, if I don’t at least pass by to smell all the yummy stuff I start having withdrawal symptoms! lol

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