It’s amazing how walking around with my family has made me rediscover Hamra.  Here are some photos from our day yesterday..

Piccadilly Theatre Beirut

I really wonder what this theatre was like in its glory days..

Hamra Lebanon

Inside on of Hamra's souvenir shops

Hamra, Lebanon

Honey, cheese, anything pickled?

Hamra Lebanon

Hang them dry..

Hamra Lebanon

Take a, I insist!

Hamra Lebanon

I'll take the truck

Hamra Lebanon


Hamra Lebanon

It's only a game of bottle cap chess

Lebanese food

Cafe Blanc..


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5 responses to “Rediscovery..

  1. I have watched many movies at the piccadilly cinema, and enjoyed my “foret noire” cake at the express cafe. My grand father used to bring us every day after his work pop corn from the strand, and not to forget the showing of “earthquake” at the concord cinema with surround sound. Those were the good old days, when Toyland and Cesar Amer, Cocody still existed and brought joy to many kids. I am glad to see that Hamra is regain its place.

  2. I miss Hamra so much! That made my afternoon. Thanks 🙂

  3. mariam

    Piccadilly had a classical pianist entertain the spectators in the “entr’acte”, that’s how luxurious it was.
    Many plays were performed there, too

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