A walking tour

of Raouche, Downtown, Saifi, and Gemmazye!

Corniche Lebanon

Store fronts along the Rouche

Pigeon Rocks Beirut Lebanon

Those rocks..

Downtown Beirut

Ruins in Downtown..how much longer do you think they will be here for?

Cafe Gemmazye

Cafe Gemmazye's Farewell Party..are you going?

Gemmazye Lebanon

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Gemmazyeh Lebanon

For all of your lighting needs..

Gemmazye, Lebanon

An electrician's nightmare..

Gemmazye, Lebanon

Gemmazye architecture

Gemmazye, Lebanon

Antique shopping

Gemmazye, Lebanon

I want these little black dresses!

and finally..

St. Nicolas Stairs Gemmazye

The St. Nicolas Stairs (which I like better at night!)



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8 responses to “A walking tour

  1. Nice pics. I like the one of Gemmayze’s architecture. It is rare that people actually LOOK at buildings in Beirut.

  2. Sietske

    Wow, you’ve been all over the place. Grandparents walk too?

  3. I loved the photos, its like reviving our memories and showing that there is a heritage, not just new shopping malls:) Its nice you got the excuse to do this tour.

  4. The best way to see a city… I love Beirut! Enjoy the rest of your walks with the family 🙂

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