The most prominent sections in Lebanese supermarkets

Was in the supermarket last night picking up some things..when it occurred to me to take pictures of what I consider the most prominent sections in many Lebanese supermarkets.

1.  The Cheese Section.

Supermarkets Lebanon

The Cheese Section

Supermarkets Lebanon

The Cheese Section..continued..

2.  The Olive Section.

Supermarkets Lebanon

The Olive Section

Supermarkets Lebanon

Olives galore

3.  The Nut Section.

Rifai Nuts

The Rifai Nut section

Rifai Nuts

Rifai Nuts close up.

4.  The Tupperware Section.

Supermarkets Lebanon

The Tupperware Section..

And, I just had to include this last one for kicks..

Supermarkets Lebanon

an alarm tag on a 6750LL bottle of JB? really?

What do you think?  What are the most prominent sections in Lebanese supermarkets, and why?


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11 responses to “The most prominent sections in Lebanese supermarkets

  1. LOL – Maybe the criteria for selecting the lucky bottles to be fitted with alarm tags is how easy it can be slipped into a coat pocket. Or simply no one in their right mind would buy Dewars let alone steel it.

  2. MM007_Jordan

    your blog is leaking snow flakes and stuff
    how about the pastry,bakery section,the nice smell in the morning,you don’t have those?
    The 30 something women,dressed to the nines,just to grab few items

  3. Was that TSC or the old Smiths?? hahah We do love our cheese and olives 🙂

  4. I think the meat section should have been included =D

  5. Nuts of course!
    Every Lebanese késs needs lots and lots of nuts! 😀

  6. Sebastian Yzaguirre

    These are some great pics!!!!! Really am enjoying your new adventure with your family! 🙂

  7. Olive, nuts, and cheese… agreed. But Olive Oil is a huge one i think… we put it on everything!

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