Sunday lunch..

Don’t you just love those 3 hour Sunday lunches spent with friends and family?

lunch in Lebanon

Sunday lunch @ Cafe d'Orient

lunch in Lebanon

Fish lunch..

Today was the first day in what must be months that I’ve had fish (very unhealthy, I know!).  This might be too much of a hasty generalization, but for a city located on the sea, fish restaurants are hard to come by in Beirut..and most restaurants in the city usually only have one fish item on the menu (mainly salmon), if that!  Having fish today made me realize just how much I miss it!  Why do you think fish restaurants are so scarce in Beirut?  Is it because the sea is polluted?

Anyway, hope you had a beautiful Sunday with your family and friends!



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8 responses to “Sunday lunch..

  1. Youssef Chaker

    This may all be wrong, but this is my impression:

    There are some fish restaurants in Beirut, you just have to know where they are. They’re not as popular as other places. I think there are many reasons for that including:

    * the new generation isn’t as much into fish as the older one
    * eating fish is not quick/fast for today’s lifestyle
    * people who like fish eat it at home (sometimes on sundays as a special meal)
    * good fish is expensive for the regular Lebanese person
    * people who WANT fish know where to go, especially to places in Trablos, Saida or Sour which are known for the fish markets
    * 2006 was really bad on the marine life around the coast of Lebanon
    * fishermen have long ago stopped being able to support themselves and their families so it’s not a viable profession any more

    a few restaurants in Beirut
    Le Pecheur
    La Paillotte

    they are around the Ein El Mraiseh area, where the Hard Rock Cafe is on the beach side.

    But you’ll definitely find a lot of them outside of the city on the coast line. Ask Walid Khalife (@Dashkoun) and Darine Sabbagh (@sdarine) about places in Trablos.

    • Youssef, it’s comments like this that keep me going! Thank you for laying it our for me! I love fish, but I suppose you’re right..the “new” generation is more into burgers, pizza, etc etc. As for all of the other reasons, spot on.. Well, guess I will be trying out those two places then! And I will have to finally take up Walid and Darine on their offer to go to Tripoli!

  2. An excellent fish place is O&C! They have both sushi and fish. You totally have to check it out!

  3. Confirm O&C yummy stuff indeed!
    And I don’t really have much to add as to the fact that today’s lifestyle is quite fast and fish is a “slow meal” to be savored and enjoyed slowly. I also agree with the cost compared to other food types.

    These pics are delicious (well the food in those pics :P)


  4. What did your family think about Lebanon?!! I am so curious to know!

  5. In the summer I will have to take you to the Bekaa Valley… as much as I dislike fish,I enjoy the freshwater fish that comes from some rivers in the Bekaa… hold me up to this when I get there!

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