Everybody deserves a day off

My Grandfather can’t go a day without reading the newspaper.  He has bought an issue of The Daily Star every day since he has been in Lebanon.  But when we went to get an issue on the 1st, we were told that the newspaper wasn’t publishing any issues for the next two days, and that The Daily Star would be back on newsstands starting the 3rd.

This is the store we went into.

Hamra, Lebanon

The amount of local publications alone is staggering, let alone the international ones. How do they ever find anything in here?

At first, I thought the salesman had to be bluffing.  How could a newspaper just decide not to go to print like that? Especially in this day and age, and with the state of the world being what it is?  I told my Grandfather that the man probably just didn’t get any issues delivered, as he likely thought that the 1st and 2nd would be slow days for business and that he wouldn’t be able to recover his investment.

When we got back home, I picked up the December 31st issue, and sure enough, I was wrong, and the salesman was right!  In the left upper hand corner, The Daily Star had printed this message:

The Daily Star Lebanon

Their "Day Off" Message to readers

It reads,

“The Daily Star will not be published Saturday, January 1st, 2011.  In accordance with the Press Federation decision regarding New Year.  We will be back on the newsstands Monday, January 3rd.  The Daily Star wishes its readers a Happy New Year.”

hmm..well I guess the news can wait!  Hope everyone at The Daily Star had a great couple of days off, I’m sure you needed it with all that has happened in Lebanon in 2010!  Cheers!



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4 responses to “Everybody deserves a day off

  1. Well – they do need time to recover from NYE =P

  2. didie

    l’orient-le jour website does the same thing, not sure concerning their printed edition though.
    and in france it happens all the time 😀 a strike? no newspaper! a day off followed by the week-end? no newspaper! their morning coffee won’t be paid back by the direction? no newspaper and then strike 😀

  3. Fun fact!
    Lebanon ranks in the first place worldwide in publications percapita! At least that’s what my ancient ( pirated ) Encarta says, not sure if it’s still true.

    Publications for all…

    Is what you get in a country with ten thousand different creeds, cultures and religions each of which separated into ten thousand different political affiliations( ( and patron country( God bless France! )) and having its own publication house.

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