Worst sick day ever.

I finally get internet at home (yay for Mobi!), yet the power doesn’t seem to want to stay on, rendering the Mobi quite useless (fml).  Instead of cutting in increments of 3 hours, the power is cutting in increments of 12!  What is it now?  Yesterday’s rain? The sudden burst of cold?  The construction going on oustide of my window?  The cats in heat?  Whatever it is, having no power has made this ‘sick day off’ that much more unbearable.  Did I mention that I’m the most miserable sick person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD? 😉

Quite fittingly, my friend in Jordan tagged me in an illustration this morning that he found “around the interwebs,” and although we both have no clue who it belongs to, it is  definitely worth sharing, as it captures my exact thoughts right about now!

Electricity problem in Lebanon

Update, comic by Zina Comics! http://www.zinacomics.com/2009/07/bad-timing.html

Thanks @beirutdriveby and @beirutspring



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22 responses to “Worst sick day ever.

  1. Salamtik… hope you feel better soon 🙂

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  3. Salemtek,

    As BdB pointed out, the illustration is by the very talented @zinacomics , you should follow her on twitter.

  4. patrick

    BTW In the last frame in the dark she is swearing in Arabic something like “F*** this country”. ( Just in case your Jordanian friend did not translate that part 🙂

  5. Get well soon 🙂

    We have a backup generator for the maytam but it doesn’t help when the power fluctuates off and on consistently…esp. due to a new supermarket being built next door that trips the breakers on the government electricity. You have no idea how many appliances we’ve replaced over the past couple years!

  6. Mom

    Hopefully you got some rest though … which is probably what you needed if you were sick! See, you need to find the bright side … somehow. Easy for me to say, I know. I don’t have to deal with that inconvenience on a daily basis 🙂

  7. Simon

    great illustration by @zinacomics 🙂
    Keep warm, and take lots of panadol flu tablets… this sudden change of weather killed my week 😦

    hope u get well 🙂

  8. I’m commenting from my bed, since I’m sick as well…I donno how you actually have enough energy to be online!
    I’ve been sick for the past 3 days and today’s my first day back on reading and updating myself 😛

    On another note, those cats did stop around here….and the net seems normal…so….next time you might wanna let me know we’ll have a “sick meeting” at my place LOL

  9. Mom

    This cartoon was really funny, by the way. It is good that the Lebanese can still laugh about things like daily electrical outages … the alternative is useless anyway.

  10. Get subscribed to the wonderful services of a private generator 😛
    It costs about 50$/month in Saida but its probably more expensive where you’re living ( being an area reserved usually for the bourgeois )
    but it’s still worth it since it gives you 23hrs/day power ( sometimes it takes the owner 4ever to “refill” his generator )

  11. Caroline

    That is hilarious! I couldn’t agree with it (the cartoon) more!

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