‘This is Beirut’ is now on Facebook!

Yeah, I know..I’m a little late to jump on the “Facebook Fan Page” bandwagon..but I thought it was about time I got to know all of my readers a bit better. You see, I’m all about two-way communication..and for the longest time, I’ve been doing a lot of talking!.. So now, it’s your turn.. Yalla! Let’s communicate!  Tell me about your stories, tell me about your likes and dislikes,,tell me what topics you would like to see me write about on this blog.

‘Like’ my page on Facebook <–click this link.. (or click the facebook banner)  And let’s get to know each other!  I look forward to hearing from you guys..

This is Beirut blog

'This is Beirut' is now on Facebook!


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6 responses to “‘This is Beirut’ is now on Facebook!

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  2. Rad1

    Ahla w sahla 🙂

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