Turkish sweets invade Lebanon..

Just had my first Turkish sweet today, or cake, or snack, or whatever you want to call it.  Point is, it was good.   Damn good.  So good in fact, that it makes me want to go to Turkey.. Or maybe that’s because I’ve been hearing so many great things about Istanbul..

Anway, what I meant to say is that I’m quite sure that these Turkish companies are giving local Lebanese sweet manufactures a run for their money.  Would love to read a study on the competition between the two.  Any of you got your hands on one?

Turkish sweets in Lebanon

POP kek!

Looks like Turkish soap operas aren’t the only thing Turkish that the Lebanese enjoy.. 😀



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17 responses to “Turkish sweets invade Lebanon..

  1. We have it here in Kuwait…taste good but one of my friends told that it has this ingredient (something butter or whatever) that’s so unhealthy, but who cares lol

  2. uxsoup

    ETI/Ulker RULEZ!

  3. hhaha, yeah who cares! It tastes so good!

  4. KM

    Istanbul is a really nice city

  5. That’s for sure! LoL
    I remember having some friends over to my apartment in Jordan and I sat some regular turkish delights out on a plate.. And they laughed at me coz I served them without biscuits! I just said Eat them anyway, the biscuits are just extra calories! They liked that they could have more T.D’s in place of the biscuits. Hahaha 😉

  6. denise

    i have been reading ur blog for a few months now and i guess it’s time to make my first comment:D…first of all i really love what u are doing,i want to make a little middle east trip 2 when i finish my uni. or maybe even live there who knows? .i lived in turkey for 10years and just came back to germany to study but i cant really let go of this beautifully planless country and would definitely prefer it to europe:)…eti pop kek is just one of many of our ”unhealthy” sweets here but i never saw any arabian ones yet which i find a little upsetting cause i loove fatty food:P so if u ever come to istanbul or antalya it would be a pleasure to show u around:D

    • Denise! Thank you for the offer! I have been trying to plan a trip with some friends..although as you probably know, when you depend on people, you never get anything done! When is the best time to go? I surely will be taking you up on your offer or at least asking you to make some suggestions.. I really can’t wait to visit Istanbul! How was living their for 10 years? I’m trying to read a Turkish book right now called “The Black Book” by an author named Orhan..do you know it?

      • denise

        ur welcome!:D i guess the best time for turkey is in spring cause summer is waay too hot and winter is just winter u know:D acctually i had the best time in my life,at the begining it was difficult to get used to the traditions and the chaos but now i wouldnt change anything to it not even germany,i really look forward to spring break so i can spend it in turkey.as far as i understood beirut and istanbul are very similar to each other (different people,cultures,art,fashion etc.) but antalya is more of a touristic destination with it’s 5star exclusive hotels and clubs.i spend 9years in antalya and a year in istanbul at a private uni. (our education system really suckss). ohh yes i know orhan pamuk,almost everyone of his books is a scandal in turkey cause our people cant handle their own history:)

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  8. Turkish sweets have been my secret obsession for years! Since they seem to be invading Lebanon… there is this type of sweet that looks like “cotton candy” and rolled up into nicely shaped rounds… they come in either chocolate or “plain” flavor and usually topped with some pistachio. Keep your eye out for these bad boys, absolutely wonderful… very light and very… just perfect. Now, I would have taken a pic and showed you what I am talking about, but they are currently in my tummy, so I have a link for you:

    Tip: If you find them or come across them beware! Before buying them, press on them to check their texture. If they are soft and fluffy, then thats good… they’re supposed to be like that (and means they aren’t old). If they’re SUPER hard… don’t bother.

  9. Need.To.Taste.

    Just when I decided to start a diet. Great!
    Such a strong will…

  10. I have always been a fan of ULKER, they used to have these small chocolates that come in a box of ten, in red. I miss those.

    My brothers and I had a binge to try out the new Pop Keks and other snacks that were in stores. They are stock full of sugar, the only one I had like was the banana one. Others were just like biting into sugar.

    The thing is that they are as cheap as the Lebanese candy, but taste much better……. I think that is the difference.

  11. My parents live in Cyprus and we just went to visit them (“we” being me, my husband, and our three children). The children are obsessed with pop keks. They miss them so much. Wish we could buy them here. (America).

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