The calm before the storm.

The streets were calm this weekend.

Too calm.

And with the STL indictments scheduled to come out tomorrow.

One can only wonder..

Is this the calm before the storm?

STL indictments Lebanon

Is that a storm approaching?

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11 responses to “The calm before the storm.

  1. my heart aches when I see the news…Allah yefrejha 3al nas

  2. yarab 5er . I was just reading naraallah’s speech and my heart ache. Allah ye7faz Lebanon.

  3. Abou Ali

    We are witnessing the takeover of Lebanon and its tranformation into the Great Islamic Republic of Lebanon…

  4. I think it is – we just need to wait and see and hope it doesn’t blow up.

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  7. Dunia

    Please I hope the Lebanese people what ever they do do it peacefully…protest peacefully people need to get rid f this hate and violence int heir hearts and the problem is we all have it even i have it but we have to filter it out and believe int he power of god thoughts! Allah yba3ed el shar

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