Armin is coming. Yeah? So what?

So, this might come as a shock to you..but I’ve never been to a rave.

And quite honestly, I really don’t think I’m missing much..

Something about paying $200 to listen to trance for 9 hours juuuuust doesn’t appeal to me.  Not even when I lived in Miami..

Armin Mirage Beirut

But I will give Armin this..for a trance DJ who has seen his fair share of late nights, he is surprisingly natural, charismatic, eloquent, and likeable on camera..

Apparently the Armin Only “Mirage” show is different from his other shows in that he will be “doing the tracks as live as possible”..this is as opposed to what?  Just playing a CD?  All of you Armin fans out there,,tell me what makes this man so special, that he is worth paying so much to go see!



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28 responses to “Armin is coming. Yeah? So what?

  1. VVIP….who are they kidding??

  2. UsefulIdiot

    You clearly have no idea what a rave is. What a pointless post.

    • Thanks for clarifying that I don’t know what a rave is! I thought I had mentioned that somewhere in the post..yeah, I did! The first sentence! ..if I got it wrong, help me out and tell me what a rave is! Thank you for your useful comment!

      • Sean

        it’s something where ppl listen to loud random music while downing E and alcohol … the music is ” ETSK ETSK ETSK ETSK ETSK” all the time and ppl go crazy for it…

        I dont like it… but unlike Mr. Idiot I am being helpful and clarifying hahahaha 😉

        I’ll explain even more if you have any more questions 😀

      • I thought it was pretty much like that..I just didn’t want to make mention of any illegal substances.. lol.. But hey, since you said it..sure! Thanks for the explanation! 😀

  3. UsefulIdiot

    You said ‘I’ve never been to a rave’. That’s not the same as not knowing what a rave is.

    You also said ‘Something about paying $200 to listen to trance for 9 hours juuuuust doesn’t appeal to me’, which is clearly your definition of a rave. And an incorrect one.

  4. Shhhhh, but who is this Amrin, Armin dude anyway?? Google to the rescue I guess! 🙂

  5. UsefulIdiot

    So, I gather, the point of this blog post is to open up a topic for discussion that you know nothing about, nor are you personally interested in, and then to ask readers to define a rave for you?

    Sorry, I’m just trying to understand why you felt your comments on this topic were of any value…

    • The point of this blog post was to engage in a discussion about something that a lot of people in Lebanon are passionate about..but which I don’t entirely understand.. I was hoping to be met with comments describing the Armin experience, why they love attending his shows/concerts (since it’s not a rave), etc etc.. so that I can better understand why he is so big here.. Seeing that I now live in Lebanon, I see value in learning more about things that Lebanese people enjoy..even if I don’t necessarily agree. 😀

      • Youssef Chaker

        Dani, dear, forget about this UseLESSIdiot!
        here’s an anecdote: i’ve never been in lebanon at the same time as Armin 😛
        in fact i’ve never been in any city i’ve lived in when Armin was passing by!! when he comes to lebanon im in DC, when he comes to DC i’m in charlottesville, when he comes to charlottesville, i’m in lebanon. he and I need to do a better job at coordinating 😉

        so… i like trance, club, house music and i listen to it in the car, at home, while programming (unlike 90% of programmers who listen to metal). this genre of music is up beat and gets me going. but honestly, i don’t know if i would pay $200 to go listen to it at a crowded place when i can do it on my own time and with my own crowd. but it’s like any other concert. you go there for the live experience, to party, to have fun. but these one last longer, and have more freedom to them. my friend was in Ibiza and he basically partied all night long, and woke up the next morning on the beach (probably with some random girl next to him). So that’s in some way what’s special about Armin, David Guetta and the rest.

        but… the best way for you to really know is to go and find out for yourself 🙂

      • find our for myself huh? that’s what they keep telling me!!

    • patrick

      UsefulIdiot, why is it so bad to ask your readers or friends about the things you are not an expert in? Are you an expert in everything?

      She admitted she has never been to a rave, told us how she sees raves as an outsider and explicitly asked for people who know better to help her understand specifically “All of you Armin fans out there,tell me what makes this man so special”.

      Which part of that bothered you so much?

      PS: Dani, yep that’s me 🙂 lending a hand whenever the haters show up :-O

      PPS: UsefulIdiot, just teasing about you being a hater! I bet you’ll turn out to be useful and not an idiot! And you’ll come up with great reasons why Armin is worth it!

      PPPS: Gino seems to be a huge Armin fan maybe his posts on the subject will prove helpful, here and here

      PPPPS: my PPPSes are worse that the VVVIPs 🙂

      • lol PAAATTRICK! Your PPPSes are actually DIAMOND/PLATINUM PPPS..they are worth their weight in GOLD, and diamonds, and platinum..yeah ANYWAY..Gino is a great nightlife reference..I’ll look into his posts asappppppp.

        Thanks for coming to the rescue btw.. 😀 It’s nice to know that you’re out there listening!

  6. Sarah

    Well this will be my first comment ever! I thought I should describe the way I feel when I listen to Trance etc. 🙂

    We all listen to music for different reasons, we all have different tastes and I just happen to be in love with Trance. The rhythm just makes sense to me, it’s as if I’m truly living in the moment with no notion of the past. Whenever I’m feeling down, the music just lifts me back up. Trance is truly a passion to me.

    As for paying $200 to experience the Armin sensation, that’s a price that I can live with. The whole setting is mind-blowing (to me at least 🙂 ), I’m able to let loose and dance like a freak while the music is blasts my ears. Granted, you can listen to the tracks at home, or wherever you are, but it doesn’t compare in the slightest to actually seeing him perform live.

    That being said… I am soooo jealous Armin is going to perform in Lebanon! He should come to Montreal instead! 😀

    Dani, you should definitely experience a rave one day! Who knows, you might actually end up liking it 😉

  7. Youssef Chaker

    oh, btw… i forgot to mention this:
    i’m assuming you haven’t listened to trance music. so i’m sorry if some of it sounds too obvious.

    A lot of trance music is characterized by the beat (someone above mentioned this: “the music is ” ETSK ETSK ETSK ETSK ETSK” all the time and ppl go crazy for it”). but there’s more to it. some great songs are remixes of original pop songs (or any genre), others are mixes of different songs together.

    One of my favorite songs is this one: it’s a mix of Robin S – Show Me Love ( and Laidback Luke & Steve Angello – Be ( btw, i chose the video with the girl in bikini to show you what the typical videos on youtube for these songs look like 😛

    I’m showing these songs to answer the following question:

    “Apparently the Armin Only “Mirage” show is different from his other shows in that he will be “doing the tracks as live as possible”..this is as opposed to what? Just playing a CD?”

    So what’s a live performance vs a not live performance mean in terms of these songs? notice that there are artists singing and there are actually lyrics as part of these songs. most people assume that this kind of music is void of lyrics and just a constant beat. but that is not true. and from what i’ve understood from the video you posted is that the artists who are featured in Armin’s songs will be present live and singing live to the audience. that’s opposed to the more usual way where those tracks would be played from digital track (on their laptop, a CD or even Vinyl) and then the DJ adds the beats on top of it and does his magic. So he said ‘with live acts’, indicating that there will be a performance vs the usual DJ in his DJ booth and crazy lights. So it’s just really a more elaborate setup.

    This is my favorite song currently:
    Wouldn’t it be great if Katy B and the string orchestra performed live? but usually that’s not what you get.
    Instead you get this: where Katy B’s part is just a track playing while the DJs do their thing, and the string part is not even there (that’s somewhat of a false statement, because the string part was added to the song after that concert, but the point is still valid :P).

    anyway… now you know 🙂

    • Sean

      it still sounds like “ETSK ETSK ETSK ETSK ETSK” LOOOL 😀

      hey it’s a matter of choice but… I used to like Electronic Music (trance, house, deep house , progressive whatever) until Radio stations in Lebanon shoved it so deep down my throat that my farts started sounding like “ETSK ETSK ETSK ETSK” (excuse my disgusting metaphor heheheheh).

      I am not gonna lie sometimes during my workout I play couple of tunes but I can’t say I feel the “ARMIN SENSATION” 🙂

    • whoa whoa whoa…I need a week to digest this! Let’s get those videos rollling! (yeahh ummm…nice….bikini…haha those things look like they’re about to burst!)


    yeah,.. in the minds of many.. if its worth 200 dollars its worth going to see..
    but truth of the matter is.. since so many have proved their “dumbassism” to spend that much on one night of “risk of no entry, no refund, no fire marshell” no secure “safty .. proves the the point that ppl will continue to spend money in risk of gtn their asses kicked or killed.

    and i am a raver.. a raver who can afford a 200 dollar ticket.. but will i ? nope…

    been their done that..
    i work in music.. and i gaurantee .. they dont need that MUCH money…
    in order to “throw a good show”

    –just ppl kept funding them and proving its okay to pay that much..

    and them to keep ripping everyone off..

    a quarter of teh time.. they dont even give the “peforming Artist the full amount of money for their performance” .. ha ha
    so it aint only the crowd gtn ripped off;)

  9. Dana

    I totally agree with u… and i’m looking forward to know why most of the people get crazy about him…:)

  10. KM

    who gives a shit if armin van BORING or paul van DICK come or not…
    I’m too old for this crap… VVIP tickets? puhhlease!

  11. I like the “see it for yourself” idea. I love trance/techno/house but never had a BIG interest in seeing it live because of the semi-ok shows I had been to in US… until I did it in Lebanon.

    Best night of my life =

    Best night of my life part 2=

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