Bring back the models! (just this once)

Vero Moda

Current Vero Moda ad..picture taken today.. Jan. 19, 2011


I like your clothes.  I really do!  I’m even wearing one of your sweaters as I type know, one of those slouchy off the shoulder sweaters that you’re so good at making..  But please,,(and I normally would never say this, because I’m all for copy driven ads, I am a copywriter after all!!..) bring back the models..!!  They do your ads wayyyy more justice..

Vero Moda

Previous Vero Moda ad from Aug. 24, 2009

[Thanks Beirut Drive By for your truly awesome archive of Lebanese Billboards..]



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3 responses to “Bring back the models! (just this once)

  1. Loool! Very true! 🙂

  2. Cristele

    You’re right!! It’s like something is missing and btw I like your sweater 🙂

  3. Al

    Word !
    The ad is sooo boring !

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