Shoe candy?

My colleague just went out, and was nice enough to bring me back this (see below)…but she doesn’t know what it’s called.. she just called it authentic Lebanese “shoe” candy..

Anyway, she told me to post it here so that all of  you could reminisce about your childhood.. 😀  Even my boss stopped in his tracks when he saw it on my desk and said,, “Where did you get that?  I haven’t seen or eaten those since I was a kid!”


Authentic Lebanese sweets

Shoe candy!



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14 responses to “Shoe candy?

  1. Zouzeta

    OHHHH my godddd they still exist
    i want i want….
    i love those… My grandma use to get me those when i got good grades at school… and i loved them… 😀
    thanks Dani 🙂 it brings up good memories….

  2. They still make these! Lool, seriously brought back memories!

  3. Yup, they still make them! I used to get them in supermarkets in London at the section that sells candy and you have them here in Dubai in those kiosks in malls that have all the different boxes with sweet and sour candies, licorice, chocolates etc… Love them! 🙂

  4. uxsoup

    They still make them?!?!

  5. Chrsitine

    That’s too funny!!! I like how your co-worker made you post it 🙂 And yes, she’s right! I’m reminiscing…. Can you also go to Harissa for me and post a picture of the view of Jounieh? I SO miss it! 😦 lol

  6. didie

    yumi!!! we also have those in france! it’s called “santon” but shoe candy works too :p

  7. Interesting fact: sweets and other tooth-rotting snacks are informally referred to as “sarameh” by parents, which means (plural of surmeyeh): Shoes, in a very slang way 😛
    “Stop eating candy before lunch!” -> “Stop eating sarameh before lunch!”
    And why is candy referred to as shoes by parents? Because of shoe candy! 😛
    Just like Ras El 3abed, these will never die out.

  8. Rad1

    seriously cool post, i which i can find some of the “Shoe candy” here.
    if i’m not mistaken most of the comments about the shoe candy are from Lebanese live outside lebanon.!!!
    Keep Lebaneseing 🙂

  9. I loveeeed them! I didn’t even know they still exist!

  10. Hahaha.. How cute is that!

  11. rima

    We used to call them Sabot as in clogs, and my aunt from Jounieh used to get them for us every time she came to Beirut. Memories …… Ya lateef how something so insignificant as a piece of candy can bring so many memories for all of us. I can’t imagine being this nostalgic over a Mars Bar or Kit Kat!!

  12. =) Oddly enough, my grandma still buys them – good memories.

  13. I’ve never seen these before. But I like shoes, so shoe candy can’t be so bad.

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