What are your favorite Lebanese sayings?

Lebanese sayings

What are your favorite Lebanese sayings..

Let’s lighten up this day a little bit, shall we?  Hey, I know I need it.

So tell me..what are your favorite Lebanese sayings?  And don’t forget the translations!

And while your at it..can you translate these for me?

1.  He became on the iron!

2.  Eat air..

3.  He architected himself.

4.  TiTiTi As you went, As you came.

5.  Where he shit, he was hanged!

6.  There is in her, and there is not!

(I’m hoping these are actual sayings, or else the owner of the shop I bought this from is gonna get a hurt real bad!)


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26 responses to “What are your favorite Lebanese sayings?

  1. Salim

    May fever boils you boil
    What there is there is not?
    Don’t tiger on me

  2. I can only tell you what the second one means. No one told you what “air” is yet?

  3. jel

    hahaha I love this. As Im reading them I reminisce about how much i miss lebanon.

  4. patrick

    1. He became on the iron! (wessel aal hadid)
    He’s got almost nothing left. He hit the bottom

    2. Eat air.. (kol hawa)
    Euphemism for eat shit. Buzz off, stop bothering me with whatever you are saying.

    3. He architected himself. (handass halou)
    He well-groomed himself (before going out)

    4. TiTiTi As you went, As you came. (titi titi mitl ma rehteh mitl ma jiteh)
    Came back empty handed, without accomplishing your goal.

    5. Where he shit, he was hanged! (mahal ma khereh shana’ou)
    It was totally useless. (not sure about this one)

    6. There is in her, and there is not! (fya wma fya)
    Could be.
    Maybe a good idea and maybe not.

    • Mak

      5. Where he shit, he was hanged! (mahal ma khereh shana’ou)
      It was totally useless. (not sure about this one)

      This sentence is as if you are saying, the magic turned against the magician.

    • Patrick! I like seeing you around so much! Thank you for all of these translations..let’s see..which is my favorite..Where he shit he was hanged..!! for sure..ohh and As you went, as you came..

  5. “Ya mestaajel wa’eff ta ‘ellak”
    “Oh hurrying one, stop so I can tell you”

    Basically means don’t rush…Slow and steady wins the race etc.

  6. -_-

    if you see a blind man push him, you are not more merciful than his god
    iza shefet a3ma dobbo, mannak ar7am men rabbo
    used when someone doing wrong usually does not listen to your advice, so just leave him, if god spared him any sense of logic why should you bother and talk sense into him

  7. Youssef Chaker

    hahahahhahahaha… this is hilarious! most of these rhyme in arabic btw, so it’s funny to see them transliterated. it makes it more obvious how silly they are 😛

    i wonder if “Where he shit, he was hanged! (mahal ma khereh shana’ou)” means something like “Don’t shit where you eat” or maybe “You’ve made your bed- you’ll have to lie in it”. never heard that one before so i don’t know!

    here are some of mine:

    smile, the world smiles back at you (ibtasim, tabtasim laka el dunya)
    basically be positive and treat others positively and you’ll be rewarded

    the door that brings in air, shut it and relax (el beb yalli byejeek menno ree7 siddo w stree7)
    something along the lines of if there’s something bothering you, fix it and be happy

    as big as your rug stretch your legs (3a add bsatak medd ijrek)
    don’t trespass, know your limits

    the ropes of lies is short (7abl el kezeb aseer)
    don’t lie! 😛 or more along the lines of lies don’t get you anywhere, you will be soon discovered.

    that’s enough for you for now 😛

  8. KM

    some girls related sayings which r funny & typical for lebanese society:
    she put him horns = rakabitlo kroun (when a girl treats her man like shit)
    she gave him a ticket = ata3etlo bon (when a girl ditches a guy)
    she deserves one = kharej wa7ad (she is so hot)

  9. P.

    By the way you can buy some of the common Lebanese sayings with cute illustrations on T-shirts (in arabic) from http://www.kenztee.com

    Here is a sample of the ones they have:
    – Carrying the ladder sideways.
    – Knock the water, water.
    – As big as your rug stretch your legs.
    – The rope of lies is short.
    – Deaf during the wedding.

  10. hehehe love this post, and no KM did not make it up :p
    there’re “my eye” ( ya 3ayneee :p) hehe but i love your blog in general!

  11. LOL I loved this, so I sent it to my dad to read!

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  13. Lorena

    These are all hilarious!!! I can’t select my favorite LOOOOL!

  14. Cristele

    hahaha!great post:)
    I like the : “s2al mjarib w ma tes2al hakim”
    translated:Ask the experienced rather than the experts/doctors

  15. haha lovely, and kudos for Russel peters reference 😀

  16. banter

    hi guys there is an expression which is used after greeting someone and basically says take everything out of your pockets and hand it to me. Can anyone remind me of it?

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