Diamonds are a boy’s best friend..

H&M Hamra

Found at H&M Hamra. What is this world coming to??!!



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15 responses to “Diamonds are a boy’s best friend..

  1. Those damn Swedes.. 😛
    No you can’t even find those here .. I’m just as baffled as you are !

  2. Joe

    Where is the world going to?
    Abolishing gender stereotyping masalan…. take a min to think about that

  3. I understand the studs, but what the heck is that hoopy one on the bottom left corner??
    BTW your nails are pretty 🙂

  4. KM

    it should have been labeled as tranny’s accessories

  5. Jimmy

    I don’t understand what’s the problem in wearing diamonds O_o
    After all we do find men G-Strings in the lebanese market , and they’re mainly weared by straight men 🙂

  6. I automatically think Fabulous (the rapper) when I see this. The hoops though.. wtf.

  7. -_-

    yeah no more gender stereotypes, men who wear G strings can now wear diamonds too so that people know they are wearing G strings

  8. One of my friends put it in his head to wear a diamond pinkie, I think it’s hideaous, hopefully something can be done and we will be rid of it

  9. Joe

    Yes indeed this totally scars the “Lebanese male masculinity”
    Lets all join forces to control this fucked up social construct

  10. Its awful! Yuk
    I find it disturbinlgy sad when I hear fashion designers speak about their goals in making men and women dress exactly the same. They’ve been pushing it since the 50’s tho and its getting harder and harder to notice a male vs a female these days! So repulsive.

  11. I don’t see the problem. Must agree with Joe there….

    I wouldn’t wear those, but I wouldn’t care if another guy wanted to express themselves like that.. it’s a matter of self-expression.

  12. Sietske

    Love your nails, though!

  13. Nice, haha.

    It gets better in the UK – you get them but with magnets, for those of us who don’t dare to get our ears pierced.

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