Sexual Interpolation in Lebanese Society. Fact or Myth?

Disclaimer:  This is the first of a series of guest posts written by one of my readers who wishes to remain anonymous.  Due to the mature nature of the material presented in this post, this post is rated “R.”  Thank you and please continue reading!

Casual relationship, colloquially known as a “fling,” is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have a sexual relationship (a situation colloquially called “friends with benefits”) without necessarily demanding or expecting the extra commitments of a more formal romantic relationship..

In mathematics, Interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a set of known data points.

You might be wondering what “Interpolation” has to do with “casual relationships..”

And to answer quite frankly, there isn’t and shouldn’t be any correlation between these two terms. HOWEVER, when you add the catalyst: Lebanese girls to the equation.. then the experiment reacts much differently…

And the plot thickens….don don don..

Let me explain.  I believe I represent a small chunk of Lebanese guys that can be described by the following attributes:  late twenties, lives in Beirut alone, has a good job, is ambitious, likes to go out, enjoys the company of intelligent & beautiful girls, is definitely not a player, but who, for the time being, is not looking for a serious relationship.

All of the relationships that I’ve been in this past  year have followed the same trajectory:

Boy meets girl

Boy likes girl

Boy takes bb pin, Facebook or phone number of girl

Boy takes girl out

Boy kisses girl

Boy invites girl over for a DVD

Boy has sex with girl

Boy has sex with girl

Boy has sex with girl

Boy has sex with girl

Sadly enough this reality is fleeting.  Sooner or later, girl starts nagging on boy demanding more dates, seriousness in the relationship, saying things like “Where is this going?  What are we doing?  What do I introduce you as?”..which obviously causes the fun to come to a screeeeeeeching halt.

Casual Sex Lebanon

She's thinking "Where is this going?" He's thinking.."What the hell? We were just getting started!"

[photo credit]

Now, I was sitting in my office today (Mondays, I pretend to work but in reality I think of much more important issues such as this predicament) and I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe I have uncovered a pattern in the sexual behavior of Lebanese girls, that, if correct, leads to a startling conclusion!

It is a fact that many years ago; sexual intercourse was a taboo topic in Lebanese society and amongst Lebanese women in general.

Currently sex is no longer taboo, and most Lebanese women are comfortable being physically intimate with their partner, yet they rationalize it to themselves by demanding serious relationships at some point..

Therefore, is it safe to interpolate and hypothesize, that in the future, Lebanese women will reach a point where they just want to have fun and venture into casual relationships without giving us any headache related to the more serious stuff? “What do you mean what do you introduce me as?  Introduce me as your friend!!”

If the laws of physics and math apply to women, then there is hope!

We just need to determine the amount of time in years needed to reach this next shift in sexual evolution. I for one hope it won’t take more than a few, because I want to enjoy it while I still can!


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  1. Trust me, girls WANT the sex they want the casualness and all that jazz. But most girls are scared to express that want, for fear of being labeled a “sharmoota”, ruining the family name, being cut off from the family and the avalanche that may follow. If you really went into a girl’s head, oh boy would you be surprised at all the naughty things that go on in there. Too bad only a few girls are confident enough to express those feelings, and don’t care about the consequences.

    Real interesting post Danielle, keep it up! 🙂

    • Girl With a big Libido!

      Oh God if I could just walk around and point my finger to every guy I wanted to bang!
      I would’ve banged half this fkn nation!
      Well I did my share when I was single 🙂 and it was great I wish I could go back to that, but as “shou hayda” says, this society forbids you to do so and be open about it- fuck my mom still thinks I’m a virgin!

    • This is the thing. There is a major discrepency between what people are thinking and what people are doing, and no where is that more so than in a closed society like Lebanese society. When I go out, sometimes I wonder what the same people would do if they lived in a big city like Miami..I’m almost 100% sure their lives would be lived very VERY differently!

      • KM

        exactly! thank u! that’s y I’d rather be with a leb girl that has lived abroad

      • Rolfen

        Oh wow you’re very sure for someone it seems never tried living in a place like what you described… how about you make it 99% just in case you’re wrong? 1% possible error is too much?

    • Malik

      I wish to meet a lebanese open mind girl (I can love her ,kiss her ,do sex with….but serious relationship ) helpppppppp me plZzzzzzzzz where I can find this girlllll I you can help me this my pin 281C440F

  2. Sean

    I vote YES! 😀

  3. Lucky for you I came across this post, maybe some facts from my personal life could change your perception of “sexually” dried out women in Lebanon. I’m the one getting dried out every weekend!
    I broke up with my girlfriend because just wanted to have a casual relationship, I head out at night on weekends mainly and ensure I have a flat or my house is empty that night, I know I will meet a woman who will share the thought of taking it to the sac on our 1st acquaintance.
    My guy friends and I meet girls who just wana make out, make us pay for their drinks and give us their fake number! sometimes even real numbers. We do go out for a couple of times (not date- God no she doesnt want any string attached) and then she just says she fell inlove or is seeing someone?!
    But what was I ??! Well I’m happy I was a fling- a guys sexual and bachelor life in Lebanon just keeps getting better.
    Women, teenagers, married women even my sister is having sex on a regular basis. So Danielle dear, don’t worry about women here, they’re doing it and they’re even better at keeping in on the low key 😉

    I’ll make sure to read more of your posts, and if anything i’ll add my slice to it!

  4. Henri

    Ummm Mr. Anonymous author… and your point is?
    You will rarely find anyone (M or F) who will go for a casual relationship for long periods. It’s just the fact of life that at some point, someone will want something else.
    So as far as I am concerned, nothing to see here, moving along.

    • Girl With a big Libido!

      Yes… but women are thought of wanting something after every fling?!
      That’s not the case…. read again Henry before moving along 🙂

      • Henri

        I thought he talked about 4+ sex sessions before discussions started. Ok it’s not “long periods”, but it’s also not “after every fling”. 🙂
        Unless of course we’re talking about it all happening during the first night, and then you’re right!

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  6. Heba

    I hope we never reach that next shift in “sexual revolution” as you call it. Sex is not something that is to be taken so lightly, it should always be something special and beautiful for two commited adults to explore and learn about each other. Would you like your sister/mother/cousin whoever to be the first to partake in this “sexual revolution”? I don’t think so.

    It’s not just lebanese women, it’s ALL women that do this. Basically it isn’t human nature for a woman to sleep around casually, no matter how much she tells herself that it’s ok, she will never really be ok with it deep down. I know there is exceptions to what I am saying, because there is so many different kinds of people in the world.

    Then there is also the health aspects, any increase in sexual partners also increases your risks of contracting an STD or unwanted pregnancy. Why risk your life or that of an unborn child just for some fun? Even if you say that you are responsible and always use condoms, well I’m sure that you know by now that condoms can break pretty easily. I would hate to think there is just this little piece of latex standing between me and AIDS.

    If you want to avoid the situation you are writing about, you should tell the girl what your intentions are before you sleep with her. That way no one gets hurt emotionally or physically. I suspect that you wont do that though, because then she probably wont sleep with you.

    • Girl With a big Libido!

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (Yawning)

      • Girl With a big Libido!

        Mother Theresa in the house!

      • Carina

        If her post means she is Mother Theresa then the opposite holds true.. that any woman who sleeps around casually is a slut. You have to be fair with labels. If you dont like the term “slut” then you should refrain from labeling women as “Mother Theresa” just because their lifestyle is more conservative than yours.

    • Girl/guy should tell their partner their intentions, everyone should be on the same page. Agreed. They should use protection. Agreed.
      But this “sexual revolution” doesn’t mean that EVERY girl is gonna go around sleeping with every guy. It’s just that if as a girl you want to do such a thing (even if it’s for one night and one night only), you’re not gonna be judged and looked down upon.
      I do disagree with the “nature” argument, what the heck does that mean “Basically it isn’t human nature for a woman to sleep around casually”?? To me human nature would be the desires that one has without being ashamed by it because of what society has taught us. So your nature argument will not stand valid on this topic. It’s a loose term that doesn’t have a concrete definition.
      It’s human nature to x,y,z… uh ok?

    • oMg! It’s not human nature?! Did you ever hear the one about humans just being “social animals” ?
      And you it doesn’t take more than 1 partner to get and STD…so whether you guy-hop, or not, it’s the same thing……if you wanna talk in terms of STDs.
      Special, special…everything is special…how about you ask your mother/cousin/sister what they really think?

    • KM

      LoL! I wonder if heba interpolated in 2020 would have the same views

      • The STD argument:
        Hello there virgin girl who just got married to the “one she loved”, it’s you’re wedding night I hope it’s “special” yata yata. Boom chica wow wow you’re not a virgin anymore. yeay. Oh guess what, you have AIDS now 🙂
        The “one you love” kinda loved someone else, and oh um…while we’re at it… sorry for the syphilis.

        SEE? You can be innocent about the whole ordeal and still get an STD.
        It’s “human nature” to lie I guess.

    • It’s good to see you hang on to solid principles. I’m actually glad you don’t change your mind so easily under pressure, because you don’t want to be the one left out, looked down upon or the like excuses. Thumbs up, hands down for you, Miss !

    • Rolfen

      Would it maybe be too hard for the girl to ask? Or maybe it’s just easier to blame afterwards

  7. Oook, you make a good point, but let’s put a time frame on the “boy has sex with girl” part.
    One month makes your argument valid; pass that time limit and one of the two parts involved will start “catching” feelings. And we both know that it’s going to be the female part of the equation.
    Plus, don’t narrow your argument to Lebanese girls…they might be a particular species, but when it comes to casual relationships most women, regardless of their nationality, are the same.
    We all enjoy fleeting relationships, i.e “one night stands”, hell, most of the times we are the ones that look for them, just to prove a point…but point me towards that woman that is capable of having a “fuck buddy” for more than 2 months and I will definitely tell you that she’s lying.
    Sure, we all say “If men can do it, we can do it”, but we’re lying through our teeth. Secretly, deep down inside (for some not even that deep), we’re all waiting for the day when he’s gonna say “Hey guys! Meet my girlfriend X” …and if he doesn’t, well….did you ever hear women curse? Sailors got nothing on us!

    • Rolfen

      Oh yes and we both know that your nice paragraph (which does contain some good stuff) is laced with sexist bullshit, such as “it’s going to be the female part of the equation” or “did you ever hear women curse?”

  8. KM

    I totally c where this dude is coming from…
    I have the same situation, totally agree with Shu Hadya in terms of what’s really inside a girl’s head, while I also agree with girl with big libido that society doesnt allow for that and the mothers still think that their daughters are virgins! LoL
    I hope this interpolation is not BS casue it would be cool for our society to chillax

    • Rolfen

      With all due respect, please enlighten us poor males about how society forbids that so that we can kick whoever’s responsible for it.

      300 000 Lebanese men.

  9. Sean

    why dont people use their real name when they say they wanna fuck half the men of this nation? hahahahahha

    this is too fake for my taste… PREACH WOMAN !!!! we are listening!!!

  10. Sean

    My name is Hassane Mahfouz 😀 and I don’t have time to blog 🙂 here you go, now your turn LOL , you can find me on facebook :


    PS: my sister already thinks I am a manwhore and my mum says : allah ywa33ik ya ebneh… LOL
    I dont give a rats ass what my cousins think 😉

  11. why didn’t you see that coming? 😛

    • Hold on a motha fuckin’ second! The comment was not “shallow and only interested in looks” and whoever said that two people being attracted to each other and having sex is a bad thing…i meant in a ironic way, if you’re familiar with the term.
      And of course it can be a social network, for duck’s sake Facebook and Twitter got more people laid than any corporate dinner or social outing ever did!
      The thing that I don’t get is why would you spend over 2 months in a virtual environment, instead of getting together in real world, regardless of whether you hook up or not…

      • Sean

        LOL you think I stayed in my room for 2 months trying to get laid??

        you really don’t know me or who I am woman 🙂 hehehehe it was one of the stories… in a virtual way it got interesting… 🙂 for exemple I am speaking to a virtual someone now. and i am still going back and forth with a “nickname” … got my point?

      • Sean

        hehehhe no of course not, it wasnt a virtual relationship!! that’s bullshit and not human, relationships should be as physical as it gets…

        but hey, it was a nice and witty back and forth so I was like why not… until she got rally interested and we got together…

        sometimes you flirt with ppl you dont even know or will never see just to satisfy a thing in your head… it”s human nature…

        bottom line is : Social networking gets you laid… so why not use it! and i m glad you agree! 😀

    • KM

      simply cause I expected shu haydeh for a girl 🙂

      • I hope you didn’t Sean…I don’t know you more than you know me, and I hate assuming things about people.
        Yet I don’t get this virtual thing…I know people that had a “virtual” relationship for years and then they ended up getting married. I don’t understand it, and they were never able to come up with a valid explanation. Could you?

      • Phew…I’m glad you’re not one of them wierdos 🙂
        And yes, you’re right, back and forth, agreeing and disagreeing without the possibility of objects flying your way…if things get a bit fiery…it’s entertaining!
        Yep…hear that people: Get networking! 🙂

  12. Gass

    Mal baisee , that’s what i think of women here and Lebanese in general .
    If they had better sex life, not only screxxx, they will be more respectful and nicer to each other. If they knew at least how to masturbate, you could find huge difference in attitudes and behaviour.
    Love making is not sex! It’s like going to burger king instead of a fine cuisine restaurant. i am male and i am not interested in meaningless sex ! i bet rare are those Lebanese ladies who had orgasmed !
    Ladies in Lebanon are like big girls, they like the attention in bed, they look for your pleasure instead of hers and yours. This is sad . a girl who knows what she want in bed and looking for mutual pleasure , it’s a huge turn on .

    I hope we’ll keep discussing such topics here. I kinda lost since i arrived .
    Thanks for opening this space Danielle ( :

  13. KM

    just treat them as the man-whores they r…makes them fall for u eventually

  14. care to elaborate, cause it’s not like i have a lot of experience when it comes to manwhores :p

  15. One Comment

    Heba, you need to get laid!

  16. -_-

    well here you have it, reading through this blog, i really felt that you had this desire to open up on such taboo subjects, and now here you have it. and well it seems it has really worked, maybe youll have to have a whole new blog just for it

  17. anateboteo

    Oh blerg, did not realize that would post my real name. Delete Danielle! Delete!

  18. Youssef

    oh wow! well I’m very tempted to say ‘to each his own’ and just leave it at that!

    alas, I guess I can’t just do that 😛

    obviously it’s a charged topic with a lot of opinions. I can’t necessarily say that i disagree or agree with just one point of view. This is one of those things that is personal. I will comment on the society view of things. Yes, the Lebanese culture is still old fashioned. So we do have less ’16 & pregnant’ occurrences, but also less freedom of choice. I’m not, by all means, saying that abstinence is the only way to eliminate bad situations like STDs or unwanted pregnancies. But the Lebanese community has not had to deal with those problems on as big of a scale as other countries. Again, I’m also not saying that they never occur. I am definitely on the side of education vs obfuscation or shielding. What does that mean to us? It means that there’s a group in the community that is set in its ways and does not see a reason to change (for good or bad reasons). This can be ok and not cause problems as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s life. Unfortunately that is not the case. Some people like to force themselves and their ways on others. But it’s really up to us to handle this. it’s up to us to (wo)man up to who/what we are and be comfortable with ourselves. It is also up to us to not judge others for being different or doing things that we don’t agree with. It’s weird for me to comment on this subject, because for example I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with being a whore or a prostitute. So I don’t see those terms as being pejorative. Some people think the label ‘virgin’ is an insult and others a badge of honor. I just think that if you’re doing something and you’re convinced that you’re doing what you want or what’s best for you then kudos to you. And if you’re not convinced about what you’re doing, you need to reevaluate your own self. Everyone else, well mind your own damn business. So what’s wrong with being whorish? Can anyone give me a real argument that is correct and complete for why that is bad? I’d be interested in seeing why people think that sex, casual or other, is bad or inappropriate. I know that many will start assuming things about me for my comments. I assure you, I’m not a man-whore nor am I trying to defend my actions or anyone else’s. I am also not trying to get validation from others for the things that I do. I just don’t understand where the judgement comes from. But I would like to also speak to those who alter their behavior to fit the ‘expectations’. I know I’m going to get the “oh but you’re a guy, it’s different” or “it’s not the same for me” type of responses. But why are people, and specially women, so worried about what others think? If you believe in what you’re doing, just do it. And if you do, you should be able to walk down the street with your head held high and just own who you are. Whether your friends will stop being friends with you or whether your family will disown you is their problem. You live your life, not someone else’s or the life someone else wants you to live. And if they can’t come to grips with that fact then they can find someone else to control or simply just get over it.

    I personally can’t be physical in any way, shape or form, with someone I don’t connect with on an emotional or intellectual level. I find it real hard sometimes to just look people in eye while talking to them if I don’t like them. So casual sex is probably not my thing. But does that push me to think that those who do like casual relationships are wrong to be that way? Of, course not! Whether you like missionary, cowgirl or 69. Whether you like it with 1 partner, 2, 3 or more. Whether you like to do it in the shower, in the library or on the roof of a build. IT’S NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS OR ANYONE ELSE’S FOR THAT MATTER. Can I drive this point any further than this? And what I want to stress is that there are two aspects to this. First, there are the observers: it’s none of you business. And second, there’s the actor: in this context, it’s your damn life, do whatever the hell you want and forget about everyone else.

    And this is where our role as a society comes in. I can easily point out the most obvious dozen flaws in anyone I come across, just like anyone can point out my flaws. Or I can support everyone in my community and guide them towards leading a better life. We all have opinions and preferences, and just as we do not want anyone else forcing theirs on us, we have no right to force ours on anyone else. But that’s not the end of the line either. A community where people try to bring others down by judging them, labeling them and calling them names and also marginalizing others who are different is not a community. That is just a bunch of individuals who live in an hostile environment and lead a destructive life. A community is a support system, a helping hand, a safety net for its members. A community is where people feel empowered. In a real community, a girl with emotional issues who is acting out by having random casual sex, is a girl that receives support from other members in the community who try to solve the underlying issues. And a girl who just likes to have casual sex, is just a girl who likes to have casual sex, nothing more to it.

    So this is turning out to be a comment that is longer than the original post… oh well!

    A word to all the guys out there, and maybe the women as well. Women are the backbone of any house and any society. Whether you like it or not! This is not something up for debate. I don’t care how many hours the ‘man of the house’ puts in at work, and who pays for the bread. The foundation to any good home, and in turn to any good society/community/country, is the woman of the house, not the man. So those of you who want to call a woman a whore, a slut, a bitch or any other word that comes to mind, realize that she is better than you. I don’t care if you’re an olympic champion, that woman is better than you. So if she’s , than you’re worse! So it’s time to stop stigmatizing women for their actions and to start empowering that source of life or anything good in this world. To the idiots out there, I’m not saying that women should get a free pass to everything and that it’s now OK for them to kill, steal or whatever. Nor am I saying that if you can bench press 200lbs, then magically a woman can do 300lbs. What I’m saying, kept in context with this post, is that women for the least should be treated at equal measure (there’s a tendency to label women in a bad way but not men for the same actions), but also show some appreciation and support towards them. This post doesn’t necessarily suggest anything about this topic, but maybe some of the comments do. But also the real point is that a shift in the culture is actually what is needed to allow for what the author is suggesting to be a ‘sexual revolution’. If you want women to be more sexually open, then you need to provide them with the correct environment to be that way. And it starts with every single one of us. Our attitudes, comments, views about many things that affect and shape the environment we live in. And we obviously don’t live in an environment that provides women with the liberty to be what/who they want/can be, whether in Lebanon or elsewhere in the world.

    To build the tallest building in the world, there are two ways: build the tallest building in the world, build a tall building and then destroy all the buildings that are taller. Unfortunately, the common behavior (also the easiest) is, to chose the destructive method. So when people look in the mirror and don’t like what they see, instead of improving on what’s there, they tend to bring down anyone else who may be better. It’s time for people to accept who they are and also accept others for they are too. And when that happens, that’s when we get people who match their actions with their thoughts and actually do instead of wish. I’m personally sick of the hypocrisy. I’ve seen many people do a 180 overnight after going from Lebanon to the states or some other country. And it’s frustrating to try to keep up with who a certain person depending on what environment or context they’re in. I’ve had my share of ‘secret’ relationships where the girl could not tell her parents and had to sneak out or pretend she’s going out with a female friend so that we could go out on a rushed date because of a curfew. It’s annoying and even more so if you add in the fact that I’ve actually been to these girls’ homes and met the family and was liked by the family but could not utter a word about the real nature of our relationship. And all this because there’s always the fear of the neighbors talking, or some person some where in this world that i’ve never met in my life who could start a rumor. And it’s up to me to keep up the act and know who I can say what to because of all the secrecy. Now I’m just rambling and ranting because this whole ‘taboo’ issue has ruined a couple of my relationships!

    So in summary: Everyone mind your own business. Empower women and allow for a safe environment for everyone to be whoever they want to be. Stop stigmatizing anyone who’s different or does things differently than you. And then you will get women who are comfortable in their sexuality and a society permits and encourages self expressiveness. And it all starts with us, our own selves. It’s up to us to own up to our actions instead of doing what we perceive others might want us to do.

    I will end this with the challenge I’ve mentioned above: can you show me correctly and completely why promiscuity is bad or wrong?

    • Wow! Great reply! I hope everyone reads it.

      • Gass

        I did fully N its very interesting . It’s deep and well said. In other words live and let live!

        Those looking to get laid right here on this blog, are pathetic. I am not judging, but my life observation showed us the more you talk about it the less you are doing it; N when you’re chemically unbalanced like that, most probably it’s been longggg time since you had anything on the table.
        N the next normal question is: How come those sexy hungry fellas don’t get it as much as they want?
        Probably 1- they are too aggressive, N nature like things done smoothly
        2- They have no respect to others intimacy or believes
        3- They don’t inspire love, only horniness
        4- N by casual, they don’t mean respectful love making but predator sex and disposal after.
        Anyways, that said, all the chemicals are in the nature N not everyone is equally balanced to find tasteful happiness , N no offense , we have the right to do want we wish , but God’s sake, do not portrait everyone to fulfill your fantasies , and most important STAY Respectful .
        Father Theresa
        ps : to Eliedh Great Blog ( :

    • Sean

      are you saying all this just to get laid? 😀 (does it work? ) hahaha

    • Rolfen

      Wow finally something that makes sense. Your comment really hurts, not only because it’s so FRIGGIN LONG, but also because lots of it is true 😦

  19. 61 comments? MAAANNN! I need to bring anonymous guest bloggers to talk about controversial topics more often! Woo hoo! Thanks for all of your comments guys, really! Especially you (the write of this post you know who you are!)!!

  20. Sean


    If I was a girl, I’d be so hot for you right now…
    please tell me how do they resist you? you are so wise and smart.

    kif fiyyeh sir metlak man? hahahahah 😀

  21. Damn it i never knew i was chemically unbalanced before today, better get an appointment with the doctor to get it checked before its too late

  22. I’m sorry I just had to comment to fix the number 😉

  23. he did this this type of fine document. I’m definitely getting excited about the next publish.

  24. Well I know some girls who are looking for casual no-strings-attached sex just like you, dude.

    Maybe you should be honest about you not wanting ANYTHING SERIOUS from the first date? That way u save urself some drama.

    (Thanks for posting, Dani)

  25. BBy

    the one who wrote this article has a point and i respect it, we all had casual relationships and its normal for a guy to ask for it since its not demanding and doesn’t require much effort, but am sure that at the end we will all need the romantic type

    • Rolfen

      No, it’s not because it’s not demanding and doesn’t reaquire much effort. As a reminder, a relationship normally shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something one would gladly jump into, regardless of what some freaks-of-nature-turned-relationship-specialists would tell you.
      It’s probably because they want to keep their options open and enjoy the company of many nice girls 🙂 and also to be able to make many girls happy. The more the merryer. It’s the opposite of selfishness,

  26. After living for a while in Florida and specifically in Miami and coming back to Lebanon. Let me share my point of view about the difference between Miami and Lebanon when it comes to this topic.
    Simply in Miami friends with benefits are just to satisfy each others needs without any strings attached.
    In Lebanon I noticed when you have a friend with benefits, there is always one end that has feelings to the other person. Could be the guy or the girl.
    So on the long term one of them will nag and ask for something more serious and doesn’t have to always be the girl (and here is where i disagree with the writer)

  27. Karim

    Here are my blunt obeservations, as a guy who has been here a couple yrs:

    There’s a significant percentage of Lebanese girls who fantasize about and would be willing to have casual sex with you, as long as you provide them with an outlet for their guilt, a way for them to justify what they are doing by somehow lying to themselves. Let me elaborate:

    I’ve been in many situations, with many girls, who has the need for me to say certain things before getting sexually intimate, even if they KNEW those things to be untrue, or if they needed to cynically trick me into saying them. The reason for this is that they can then lie to themselves, and pretend that they believed these things, to justify their actions and shed themselves from feeling any remorse or guilt. It’s quite pathetic, actually. The lack of self-honesty, and the hypocrisy is sometimes a bit much. Especially since they actually do only want casual sex in these instances, but the only way they’re willing to make themselves believe they’ve been ‘tricked into it’, and feign naiivity.

    The above is based on a chronic pattern of my experiences, not from any single event. Any girls want to comment and confirm my statements?

  28. Karim

    To clarify, as an act of desperation, I’ve been explicitly asked to ‘just say it, even if you don’t mean it’- on more than one occasion. At these points I tend to just backoff, as I don’t like to play these games. If you want something, be honest about it, and if you don’t, stand your ground.

  29. Better late than never, as they say…
    I think the Lebanese are prematurely moving in this “sexual revolution”. They’ve skipped a few steps and unless they make up for them, I think they should hold off a little on the sex. You can read my detailed argument in this post.
    Cheers !

  30. Lorena

    The replies here are hilarious!!! The post is fantastic, but I don’t know which I enjoyed more – the post or the debate in the comments 😉 I’m really glad you opened this subject and that people are being so open about it. In Lebanon, we do everything but the difference between us and other cultures is that we are constantly hiding it and living behind veiled curtains..

  31. annie

    I’m quite happy you brought up this subject ,rarely do they discuss these issues on blogs here but here’s the point we can’t generalize and say that everyone in Lebanon has gone open minded or that everyone’s closed minded ,pple do discuss sex but still in between friends and what happens between a girl and a guy stays between them most of the time so that the girl isn’t labeled a whore but I have male friends who tell me most of the girls they’ve met are closed minded over here and that they’re conservative although my female friends don’t make in the latter category

  32. Btw it’s extrapolation no interpolation. Interpolation is to take a set of points and try to find the relation between X and Y. Extrapolation is taking a set of point and predicting what should the futur point be :p

    Ok this is a very inappropriate geek comment I know. Hahaha

  33. Polaris

    hahaha. its never predictable with Lebanese women, who all think they are pretty and lovely, dont know why. but mathematics will not apply to them, nor Physics. Women are usually moody. Specially Lebanese women dont know what they want. 1 thing is certain for them, they want marriage soon. And us, guys will never agree to that specially in this economical stage we r in now, Coz lebanese women are “high maintenance” as somebody said once on the net, and he was a foreigner!! They want big large house, maid, 2 cars, chalet, out every week….. blabla….so, i gues things WILL change a bit, coz the new generation doesnt care much about tradition anymore….

  34. Polaris

    Most guys want a GF in their lives, yes! but also the sexual freedom that comes with it too. Maybe also live-in 2gether when they are a good match. I am not saying just meet and have sex and then let go! but a GF who is ur own and u love each other, but far from marriage still. coz i know many who meet and be4 sex are married and then after a few years, problems develop and are forced to divorce! why to do that, when u can live-in 2gether for some time and know each other better, be4 taking that major step in ur life? But also there is the thing that Lebanese women lie about their real mentality and thoughts and intentions. They will be EXACTLY as the guy wants at 1st, but after marriage turn out to be something completely different. So, their aim was marriage from the beginning!! They want some1 to spend on them and they have fun. So many times we have seen the husbands driving 10K USD cars going to work and bashing their heads on walls to get money for the family, whereas their wives drive the Pajero and the Murano and the newest BMWs and Mercedes to go see their parents, or shopping or see their friends and enjoy life. It’s not fair! They ask for equality between men and women, but they are selective in what they want!
    But anyway, I am maybe out of the subject…. just thought to put my ideas here to complete the point of view here…
    Take care everyone. We have a very big social issue here in Lebanon concerning these subjects.

    • Yes, selective equality, very true 🙂
      Another symptom is they want equality everywhere, but when a man looses his temper against a women, he’s automatically a jerk. When a women looses her temper against a man, she’s just being a woman. 7aram, it’s just her hormones or whatever. How cute.
      Equality my a**

  35. “So, are we dating now? Are we officially boyfriend-girlfriend?” (she says 1 or 2 weeks after we first met – and I had already met all her friends and her parents). My answer was “uh… yeah? What does it change? Aren’t we dating already?”.
    Looking back a couple of years later, I often thought I should’ve said “no we’re just friends” and not “sold myself” so fast and enable her expectations, I guess. But I’m now glad to see that whatever the answer, the result is the same. Right?
    BTW, there’s an orgy going on in the comments.

  36. hadi kassem

    I would like a girl to marry and do sex with 🙂 my bbpin is 292EC9F9

    • Rolfen

      Thank you we were all waiting for you to announce your wish and follow it with your BB pin so that we can all scramble to fulfill your needs.
      Good luck. That attitude might actually work in Lebanon.

  37. Malik

    I wish to meet a lebanese open mind girl (I can love her ,kiss her ,do sex with….but serious relationship ) helpppppppp me plZzzzzzzzz where I can find this girlllll I you can help me this my pin 281C440F

  38. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Very good read, I thank you.

    I didn`t read all the comments so apologies if I am reiterating things/ideas that have been raised.

    Your post is about 3 yrs of age, I would say that such a matter u brought up does not “progress” easily nor hastily but would u agree that things have changed in regard to women being more comfortable with their sexuality and intimate life? I am not sure if it changed or not but at least numbers wise I would bet changes took place.

    A couple of comments here by (interested) males disprove this though 😀
    I am living in Scotland momentarily, first time for me in Europe, and quiet often conversations about the life differences in our region (I am from Jordan) and here get sparked. Islam, Arab spring, sex & sexuality are among the must-talk topics. Usually the convos reach a point where females -generally- want to see a long-term relationship, a what-is-the-future-of-this kind of dialogue and males -also generally- trying to escape such point of discussion and if cornered either they disappear or keep covering up/hiding from a straight talk about it. I`m bringing this not to suggest that I agree/disagree with such generalization, rather to ask whether this is a universal “trend” or just a one-one situation where it depends solely (mainly?) on the circumstances of the couple involved irrespective of their sex. (where a male can be seeking a commitment soon after meeting while the female preferring to give it more time/just have fun and worry about decisions later or even never.

    The “change” that I am observing as well as the point I am keen to pinpoint is that women might not be in a state where they are starting to only have one and worry later but rather they r starting to be indifferent to what others might think of them if they explicitly show such a “view”.

    Don`t get me wrong, I still think sex is a dirty, no no, taboo word in our world and maybe just maybe it is not that bad of a thing to confine it in (a) way if it is skewed to suit our societies and not being used as a weapon or a control mechanism where one group benefits and some other gets penalized over it.

    Bottom line; there is a change in addressing sex, not just from women side but the whole spectrum of society. Mainly -in my view- from the newer generation. Such change needs to be endorsed and legitimized by all though, not just a natural outcome for a wiser, better informed and more humane generations!

    Thanks again and apologies for the longish comment.

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