Let me hear from you..

Sooo..the overwhelming response (71 comments!) I received on my last (or rather my guest blogger’s first) post has made me rethink the types of things I want to write about on this blog.  Whaddyuh say?  Less restaurant reviews and more Taboo/Controversial/Social topics?  Seems you all have a lot you want to say and share!

Is there anything or any topic that I haven’t written about that you’d like to see me write about?  Holler back.   Let me know.

In the mean time..and totally unrelated, I was at Malek El Batata the other day, and managed to snap this photo.. thought it was worth sharing.

Hi, Kifak, Ca Va

Hi, Kifak, Ca va


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24 responses to “Let me hear from you..

  1. Citizen8

    Sex, more often than not, sells.

  2. So, I should bring back the guest blogger more often then? 😀

  3. Rad1

    more personal experience stories in Beirut maybe :), events, and of-course sex and taboo always sells as Citizen8 said
    keep beiruting and good luck

  4. U know u once wrote about anti smoking ads. Rmmber? Wud be nice sharing some effective or controversial advertisements that u’ve seen!

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  6. KM

    can we talk about malek el batata? how yummy is the batata sandwish & chicken shawerma sandwish?

  7. Youssef

    it’s been great geting a fresh perspective of everything related to Lebanon. i’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience the lebanese culture from the outside in. what would be noticed and what wouldn’t. so keep doing what you’re doing. you know i’ll be reading 🙂

  8. Sietske

    Your daily dealings with the Lebanese & peculiarities!!

  9. Caroline

    I like the controversial topics idea, but I think there’s more to talk about than just sex, even though sex does sell. I also love being able to see a none-Lebanese perspective on my country, especially when I have so many friends who aren’t from this region. A few things that I think would be interesting, recycling (or lack of), the vegetable cart they still push around in the streets, the outdoor adventures that can be experienced in Lebanon, ‘traffic laws’, drive-in bars (A7la 3alam), the rising gay community(could be a another guest blogger), etc. Just a few ideas that I came up with now, will keep sharing once I have more.

    Great job on the blog! Keep it coming please. It is nice to see that I share similar views about Lebanon with others.

  10. -_-

    well i liked this blog the way it was, dealing with daily matters, and hearing about a foreigner experiencing more about lebanon that i myself as a citizen have had. i really hope this doesnt become just a controversial issues blog :s

  11. Alf

    You know you got all these comments because the same people (3 or 4) making a conversation with each other. it was like an msn chat.
    Sorry t drop the bad news 😦

    By the way great blog 🙂

    • Alf, I’m well aware that most of the comments came from the same ppl. I read through every single comment that comes through this blog. But what I care about is that the topic created a DISCUSSION. And I like it when the things I post here cause people to talk, discuss, chat. It’s what makes investing so much time and effort into this blog worthwhile.

      Thanks for your support. Any topics you would like to see my write about? Maybe I can get 71 unique comments and not just an msn chat? 😉

  12. Alf

    Mmm sex basically is a good topic.
    Another taboo topic in Lebanon can be whether different religions can really cohabit together or is everyone secretly wishing to divide Lebanon into different cantons and be like Switzerland for example 😉

  13. Noo! I like restaurant reviews 😦

    Sex might sell, but the only way to a man’s heart is his stomach!
    And I am here to prove it! Huh!

  14. Gass

    Love your blog Dan but you should try to moderate more often if you’re seeking on controversial topics ( :

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