Please wait here..

Well, after reading my post about the lack of privacy at pharmacies in Lebanon, my Mom snapped this photo at our local Walgreens pharmacy back in Miami.


Now this is what I'm talking about..

Way to go Mom, thanks for driving the point home!  (and I cannot believe I’ve gotten you into taking stealth photos! haha)

I guess I just wanted to show you guys what I’m accustomed to and how moving to Lebanon meant a fundamental change in everything I know!!

This small sign truly makes a world of difference.

What do you think, wouldn’t you like to have this here in Leb?



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8 responses to “Please wait here..

  1. I would like to have some awareness spread on privacy, rather than using a small sign. : ) Pharmacies in Lebanon aren’t as big as Miami’s and they exist almost down every house/building. Therefore, the number of people waiting in the line isn’t as big as those of other countries.
    As for buying condoms/tampons (I read your previous article), I never encountered such a problem. Most pharmacies I go to, or at least the one I always refer to most of the time, are run by young pharmacists, dressed in lab coats. They are bigger than regular ones and items are displayed clearly for anyone to see and pick, so I never had a problem choosing mine before paying : )
    Now when I have issues of privacy, I simply ask the pharmacist to keep his voice down, or I ask for my private doctor’s opinion before going there : D Now that spears a lot of trouble ; ) And yes, my doc is also young and ultra open-minded : D
    As for people waiting in the line and peeping over your shoulder (I’ve had this in one bank where men were resting on the counter as I hold my money, my cards, my checks…), I simply give them a small :S look, and then, politely point out they should go back in the line : )

    Anyway ! This is Lebanon ; ) Odd, but we all laugh a lot because of that, at least I did when I read your post ! ; ) Keep it up !

    • Thanks for your comment! I understand what you mean. I too would like to see awareness about “privacy” spread more throughout Lebanon. However, it seems that it’s something so deeply ingrained into society here that the only way to do something about it is to do exactly like you said..tell people to lower their voices or give them a bad look!

      Perhaps I need to look around for more “young and liberal” pharmacies then. I live in Hamra, and most if not all of the pharmacies I’ve been to are run by older, conservative looking people. I wish that I could ask my doctor’s opinion before going to a pharmacy, but I don’t have a family doctor here,,and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t just call him up to ask him for his opinion. Is this a doctor that you’ve beens seeing for your entire life? And I surely wouldn’t go in to visit him..that would run me around 100,000LL! I’d rather take the embarrassment I think, haha!

      I experienced that problem in banks to. Not so much with me yet, but when I was with a friend. I had to practically stand behind her, with my arms on both sides of her so that people wouldn’t lean on the same counter as her and look over all of her stuff. So bizarre! But, as you said, This is Lebanon!


  2. Caroline

    I was about to discuss the lack of privacy in banks as well, and then I realized that you had discussed it in your comments. I completely agree! Problem is, I never say something because I feel like I am the one who is wrong for wanting some privacy in this society. They would probably find it insulting if you asked them to step back, but I’ll try the “small look” and see how that goes.

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  4. Christine

    Like this sign would actually make a difference… ha!
    I think it would either be ignored, or toppled over!

  5. thesultanofcool

    In centre sofil, Bank Audi is now putting a numbered ticketing system for customer service and teller requests.
    it’s too funny walking in and seeing people take a ticket and stare at it in disbelief . they actually have to have someone sit there and explain the system to people: take a ticket, sit down, wait your turn, when ur number comes up, head on over to the counter.
    they stand between the seats and the counters, walking in nervous circles, fighting bk the urge to jump up on the counter and squeeze in their request to the teller.
    But it’s working… ish… and at least now u can divulge how many zeros u have in the bank without everyone in line knowing about it.
    It’s taking time… but it seems like we’re on the right track.

  6. Simon

    lack of privacy not just at pharmacies, but at ATM machines, bank tellers, cash registers… so annoying!

  7. L

    There is no privacy in hospitals or doctors offices in Lebanon either.

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