Find a Muslim husband

while meeting single Lebanese men, figuring out if Jesus really is God, listening to Justin Bieber’s music, and downloading the most viewed end time prophecy Bible videos!  Oh, and while buying “Hairspray” the musical’s script.

Thanks for sending this to me R.R.

Gotta wonder about Google Adwords sometimes.. how did all of these ads come up in a search that originated in Lebanon, for a song by Cee-lo from the Sex and the City soundrack?




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14 responses to “Find a Muslim husband

  1. Reina

    language of love, reminds me of something 😉

  2. What the heck is a “Strokes Jacket”…and while at that, how does an “indie rock jacket” look like?

  3. Johnny

    You said it: “Sex and the City”

  4. LOL well
    1. They realized you were female because you were searching something related to “sex and the city”
    2. They realized you were either muslim or christian coz you’re from Lebanon. Since Lebanon has a reputation for religious wars, they just threw in any ad related to religion (i.e. the ad for finding jesus and whatnot) and dating muslim men!

    At least it made you laugh!

  5. Heheheh, weird but funny!!! 🙂

  6. Youssef Chaker

    do you really want to know how it works? i think the truth is too scary, so i’ll spare you 😀

  7. JRK

    By advertising Justin Bieber, they imply you are underage. But then they discuss sex and marriage? Google can be twisted sometimes…

  8. Wow.. That’s really messed up.

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