The best and worst ads of Super Bowl XLV, according to me.

Ok, so I know that this is totally out of the scope of my blog..but hey, I’m allowed to be off topic sometimes, right?

Just thought I would share my picks for the best and worst ads of Super Bowl XLV.

Why? well…

The Super Bowl is about the only time I..

1.) sit through even a portion of an American football game


2.) actually want to watch ads.

So..without further are my picks!

First, I give you the worst..

I wonder how much Skechers paid Kim to show off her ASSets.

This is just beyond disgusting. Β BOO Groupon! BOO!

And next, I give you the best..

Das Auto.


And the best ad of Super Bowl XLV (in my humble opinion) goes to:

‘Mmmmm Cheese” LOL.

What do you think? Β Which were your most and least favorite?

I got my round up from here:Β adage.



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35 responses to “The best and worst ads of Super Bowl XLV, according to me.

  1. I think I was actually most attentive through the Sketchers ad….for obvious reasons πŸ˜‰

    Doritos was a cool ad too!

  2. Doritos have THE BEST Superbowl ads πŸ˜€

  3. Simon

    “Hello Doritos…” awesome! so wrong, but so good πŸ™‚

  4. Haven’t seen Doritos yesterday! Loool creepy but I agree with your ranking.

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  6. ZouZeta

    Totally agree with your ranking πŸ™‚
    big rear end…. “excuse me” hahahaha

  7. Remember the days when PEPSI used to dominate the superbowl’s ads?
    Good times!

  8. Lorena

    Looks like car companies know where to put all that ad money πŸ˜‰

  9. Hello Doritos is definitely NOT my fave! haha!
    But i luuuuv the Volkswagen commercial! Awesome!!!

  10. patrick

    I’ve been humming the star wars theme all day at the office because of this cute kid!

  11. LOL Doritos had the best commercial last year too…

    Funny hows theres a whole culture of commercials JUST for the super bowl.

    I also love how you ranked Kim K’s commercial the worst… It didn’t live up to expectation at all. It was purely for her looks and nothing else.. it’s too bad.. she could have done something good.

    • You’re quite right! As I said, the Super Bowl is about the only time people get excited about commercials..I think it’s because that’s when agencies are expected to bring their “A” game. But unfortunately most of the commercials this year were REALLY disappointing.

  12. LOVE VW! It’s so insightful πŸ™‚ It’s my favorite. Tough I also like Doritos, I’m sure “ummmm cheese” is going to spread like wildfire, and I have to agree with Zouzeta, is really funny.

    Goupon…OMG, what the hell??? And if the Tv ad isn’t enough they are taking the campaign further. Check out what they are doing on twitter, and what people had to do with it.

    When I saw the tweet I thought that it was as bad as it gets, but the TV ad…geez. Another social media suicide!

    • Wow! I can’t believe Kenneth Cole! (Great blog by the way..going to post a link on my blog to yours! It’s great to see you blogging!) It’s a good example of just how influential Twitter is..and although is a fun and exciting needs to be used with caution. There’s no such thing as “JK” or “I take it back” on Twitter! KC should have known that. #FAIL.

      I don’t know how Groupon was able to go on international television with that one. Really? It’s shameful, disgusting, insulting..just WRONG!

  13. I just saw the groupon one.. terrible! they have very very bad PR.

  14. Wendy

    Love the VW ad, the kid is so hysterical. Typical Kim K., not very imaginative, but the shoes are great!

    • Really?? You like the shoes!?? nooo.. eekkk..

      • Wendy

        The shoes are great. The most comfy shoes you will ever wear, have you tried them? I know they aren’t the cutest but they make up for them in comfort. Don’t know if I believe they exercise your legs while you wear them but thats another story……

  15. Christine

    Is that Groupn ad for real?! Ummm… racism/ discrimination anyone?
    I can’t believe that got the cut on American TV!
    Shame on them!

  16. I think that Groupon got so much bad hype during the superbowl – I was looking over the hash-tag #brandbowl and it was like everyone hated it. I don’t think there was a single good one……

  17. Youssef Chaker

    I thought most of the ads this year were very bad.
    The VW one was the only good one. I was expecting it to be something silly because the other ones were such a disappointment, but it turned out to be awesome even for non star wars fans πŸ™‚
    the rest i thought were garbage, even the Doritos ones. I was very disappointed. I got used to some funny ads during the superbowl. the only thing that makes up for your team not making it that far!
    oh well… back to watching commercial free TV πŸ™‚

  18. is a well-written piece. I just now passed this on 12/23/2016 to a fellow student who has been doing a little research of her own on the topic. To show their appreciation, he just bought me lunch! So, let me express my gratitude by saying: Thanks for the meal!

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