Have you ever tasted a Black Man before?

Black Man

Black Man bucuits from Turkey.

This is definitely worse than Ras el Abed!


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38 responses to “Have you ever tasted a Black Man before?

  1. Oh No!! I have never seen this before, but I did grow up on “ras el abed” 🙂 Never had a yummier chocolate since! So glad they changed the name finally!!

  2. ZouZeta

    first time i see this one….
    At least the company Ghandour tried to change the name and they had no photo on the product…


  4. Think it would’ve sold better if they had called it “Obama” instead ? 😛
    Seriously though, I’ve never seen this before…

  5. Liliane

    Lol Mher!

    We have that in Lebanon?

  6. Cristele

    Never seen this before! Does it taste good at least?

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  8. Lipanantsi

    O_o Jeez Louise, what can One say about that????
    I’m going to let it go….

  9. It’s the first time i see this thing!! where did u find it?!?!

  10. Lorena

    Hmmm… black on the outside, white on the inside. So wrong! loool!

  11. Maybe they were hoping that once you go black you never go back?

  12. comes with a cape and the “superman” B badge.
    morning superhero? NOT

  13. well ive never tasted this one before:p how was it ??

  14. Where is it made? I hope not Lebanon. They need to have more laws regulating what comes in.

  15. Caroline

    I must admit I got a little excited when I read the title of this post, before having seen the picture. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at how ridiculous it actually is. @Rami, hilarious comment! I think that Ras el Abed still tops it though…

    Oh the things you see and deal with it in this country… always interesting? exciting? keeping you on the edge? How would you describe it?

    On another note, Danielle, I think it’s time that you give driving in this country a try. Think how much you would be able to write about! You might possibly be able to start a new blog hehe.

  16. No, but it doesn’t even look appetizing either. No offense to anyone, but it looks like molded poo. Don’t ask me where that reference came from, it just popped into my head…..

  17. Never knew we had this here! The title….lol

  18. denise

    i have never ever seen this before, r u sure it’s from turkey?:D what brand is it?

  19. Samantha

    i wonder if people would react the same way if it said “white man” instead?

  20. annie

    Hehe ,but there used to be a Biscuit called Negro in the groceries,I don’t know if it’s still found though

  21. Joanna

    lol.. innnnnnnnuendo 😛

  22. Joanna

    oh also: LOL how highly inappropriate and racist

  23. Why do you have to interpret everything as racism. . .
    Turks feel that there is a need to offer “The Black Man” experience to the market for all those not feeling fulfilled.

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