Taxi Cab Story of the Day

More and more I’m realizing that I need to start a new blog, (or a new tab at least) just for all of the things I hear (or am told) in taxis here in Lebanon.

Take this morning..

I got into one of the nicer servicees I’ve seen.. leaned my head back and shut my eyes.  Really wasn’t in the mood to talk seeing as I had too little sleep last night.

When we started getting closer to my destination, I handed the driver a $5 bill..secretly hoping that he would give me back the right change.  (Friends have been telling me how they’ve been getting ripped off by taxi drivers when they don’t give them the exact change).

He took my money, looked at me in the rear view mirror, and said something in Arabic.  To which I responded with those 7 dreadful words..

I’m sorry but I don’t speak Arabic..”

He smiled, handed me back 5 thou and said, “I still owe you 500.

I smiled, thankful that he didn’t rip me off, and said, “Don’t worry about it!  Keep it!”

He smiled back, and said, “Thank you, thank you.  Ohh..has anyone ever told you that you look like Brkchilds?

(By this time, he had stopped the cab and we were in the middle of the road)

Brkchilds?” I repeated with a perplexed looked on my face.. “Is she Lebanese?

No! No!” he said, “Brkchilds, Brkchilds!  The pretty woman from America!

Oooohh!  Brooke Shields!” I said..finally getting that Brkchilds = Brooke Shields.  “Haha!  She is a very pretty lady.”

And with that, I got out of the car with a huge smile on my face.

No, no one has ever told me that I look like Brooke Shields, and no, I don’t think I look anything like her.  But hey,, I’ll take the compliment!  Especially at 8:30 in the morning, when I’m definitely not looking my best!

Brooke Shields

Oh Brooke..a Lebanese taxi cab driver and I were talking about you today!

I will say that this morning was a welcome change after I got kicked out of a taxi last week..and a great way to start the day!

Update: For all of you guys who said I chose a bad picture of Brooke..first of all you are mean!  (She absolutely DOES NOT look like a man in the photo I choose Asquared! lol)  But..juuust to appease you..I tried to find some more flattering photos!!

Brooke Shields


photo credit

Brooke Shield


photo credit

Brooke Shields


photo credit




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28 responses to “Taxi Cab Story of the Day

  1. first of all, this is HILARIOUS! haha… cool way to start the day!
    2nd… you got kicked out of a taxi?! what happened?!

    • Yeah well..the thing is, I don’t really know. I was heading to work in a taxi last week, when all of a sudden the driver stopped his car and started shouting and waving his hands in the air..I uttered those same dreadful words, “I’m sorry but I don’t speak Arabic.” and he just wouldn’t let up! So after a few minutes of not moving,,I just got out of the taxi and he drove away.. and that was that! Strange huh?

  2. hehehe.
    stories about cab drivers in Lebanon don’t finish. it starts with:
    “your destination is 1 minute walking, it’s better then i make the turn it will take 10 minutes 🙂 ..”
    and never finish with politics, religion and “Weyniye ldawle: where is the government”
    very weird , they always complain but never do any action.
    thank you

    • It is very weird, but sometimes it makes for an interesting ride to work! That is, when I’m in the mood to entertain their crazy stories..and if they speak English! 😀 thanks for your comment Karem!

  3. Dar El Akhdar

    Now that he mentions it – you DO look a bit like Brkchilds…
    Vavavoom 😉

  4. Noooooooooooo you don’t look like her ! you look like someone else 😀 but I am not gonna say it here muwhahahhahaha 😀

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  6. Sweetie, you are much prettier than Brook Shields! And yes, servees in Beirut do deserve a blog on their own looool 🙂

  7. Wow that’s a nice thing to start a day with! My taxi experiences in Lebanon when I was in Uni were dreadful! U should have taken his number to use as your “appointed” service!

  8. Every single ride in those is some sort of an adventure 😛
    Love how handle the worst and best scenarios in such a cool way 🙂

  9. Was that cab driver smooth or what 😛
    PS: not the most flattering picture of Brooke Shields out there… you missed a free opportunity to pay yourself a compliment..

  10. Joanna

    hahha i agree with life with subtitles there.. nice 🙂 i hope u meet more service drivers like him… once the guy started reciting a poem to me.. it was quite random.. lool.. another guy gave me a lesson in history about Palestine.. that was cool.. yeah the stories go on and on

  11. taxihater

    brook ain’t got shit on you!!!
    fkn services!!! you never know what you getting urself into.
    and the cabs in general are an adventure, tax or service.
    after how badly i got ripped off last week, i unfortunately approach all of them with disdain and suspicion, whether nice or not.
    destination, amount, exchange and leave me the f alone till i get to where i’m going.
    Taxi Cab Diaries – Beirut Edition… dooooit!!!

  12. Hey! I look like Brook Shields too.. To the Jordanian taxi drivers anyway. 😉 lol

  13. Asquared

    Why did you choose to post a picture of brook shields where she looks like a man?? Lol

  14. Asquared

    hahahahaha yes yes MUCH better 🙂

  15. AlainLb

    I always thought ( from your photos ) you looked more like mgnfx known sometimes as Megan fox by the conservative vowelophiles.

  16. Hilarious story. And well, the second “better” picture is IT :p hahaha

  17. That’s a wonderful experience.. I must say a delightful experience! and a great compliment unless u dont like Brooke for your look alike..awesome!!

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