What I miss most about Miami

People often ask me what I miss most about Miami.  And aside from the obvious (friends and family), I would have to say that the answer is: INSANELY well-paid part time jobs.

For example, take the below..I receive emails like this on an almost daily basis from when I used to work in events back home.

$285 for a day spent passing out cards and taking pics with fans...that's how it's done!

This same job in Lebanon would probably pay around $20 for the whole day!  You can forget that!

I think it’s time I unsubscribe from this email list, because receiving these now that I’m living and working in Lebanon is just plain DEPRESSING!

Sigh….yup..this is definitely what I miss most about home.



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20 responses to “What I miss most about Miami

  1. Johnny

    Yup! That’s how it’s done there… and this is how it’s done here… LoL!

    As a musician, you can hardly even get yourself a paying gig to begin with in this country. :-\

    Welcome to Lebanon.

    • I know, right?! I know of countless talented musicians who really have to struggle with getting regular, paying gigs here.. It really is such a shame..think of all of the wasted talent! Why is it this way? Johnny,,I’ve found your calling, you need to become an agent!

  2. I guess it’s the “i miss FL” week lol

  3. Libraman

    Lets go and live in Miami !!!!!

  4. LOL … i like your last comment 😛 and indeed… even getting the part-time job is potentially a mission! sigh* I’ve worked since I was 15… so they better hire me somewhere and give me good pay 😛

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  6. annie

    Loool take us with u 2 Miami

  7. well this is depressing 😦 I want that job!

  8. You are mistaken !
    you get between 80$ and 150$ per day for this kind of jobs,
    It’s up to the type of event.

  9. I’m flying to Miami. :p

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