A message from the Lebanese Red Cross this Valentines Day

My friend was at The Speakeasy last night when The Lebanese Red Cross came in and started handing out these “love packages” to all of the people inside of the bar.  She sent me these photos..

The Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross passing out "love packages" to promote safe sex this Valentines Day.

The Lebanese Red Cross

The Red Cross' "love package"..and its contents

The “love package” titled Everybody Needs Love, contained an informational sheet on how AIDS is and is not transmitted, and a condom.  Great initiative by The Lebanese Red Cross,..I commend you.. but I have to ask, why only AIDS?

Anyway, have fun and be safe this Valentines Day everyone!

Update: The package also contains instructions on how to put on a condom.  Well, that’s helpful..isn’t it?!  Go Lebanese Red Cross!

Thanks for the story and the photos C!



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19 responses to “A message from the Lebanese Red Cross this Valentines Day

  1. Great initiative! And true… have fun, but always be safe! 🙂

  2. Great initiative!
    We were partying in Monot last night and they dropped by to pass those out…

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  5. C

    There was another sheet in there that we missed. It was about how to wear and dispose of a condom.

    I think they could have raised more awareness about clinics where people can get tested for AIDS and other STD’s. Great first step though!

  6. Joanna

    cool! good work red cross 🙂

    and it’s only about AIDS because it is the single most feared disease in Lebanon besides cancer (don’t come telling me if cancer is a disease or not I haven’t studied bio since like 5 years back so let it pass :P)
    Most people rarely have any idea that other STD’s exist in the world.

    • Well, that is a damn shame! Coz AIDS is not the only thing people need to protect themselves from! There is a lot of work to be done in raising awareness about sexual health in Lebanon.

      • Youssef Chaker

        “Most people rarely have any idea that other STD’s exist in the world.” — @joanna, i think this is exactly Dani’s point. The goal of raising awareness is, well, wait for it, raising awareness 😛 (man fassara el ma2 bil ma2)… Ok, put in another way, the point of raising awareness is informing people about things they did not know about. Hence the need to inform the public about all the other STIs (I think that is the more PC term these days, correct me if I’m wrong).

        Which also brings up another point. What if we started referring to them as STIs instead of STDs, would that make a difference? Some people believe that an infection has less stigma to it than a disease, so this will allow for an easier conversation about the topic. Just food for thought.

        I get both sides of the argument. The campaign might be more effective from the Red Cross’s point of view since they are tailoring it to the Lebanese mentality. But I also fully understand Dani’s frustration when it comes to this issue. I still, to this day, remember the time in High School when a class mate of mine asked the teacher if she could get pregnant by just sleeping naked in the same bed together (no intercourse involved). We were 17, i think, at the time. SEVENTEEN and still had no clue about sex and how it worked. My first reaction was to laugh thinking that this person was just busting the teacher’s chops, but soon realized that it was a serious question and realized how bad the sexual education is. And the teacher (the french bia***) did not care to give an answer other than a simple ‘No’.

        Anyway, there is definitely a lot of work to be done in this area. MTV is on season 2 or 3 of ’16 and pregnant’ (I don’t watch, so I don’t know, but it shows how often it happens), and there was an article not long ago about a 15 year old girl who had sex with a 12 year old boy in England and they had a baby. A father at 13!!!!! If it doesn’t show from my comment, I will make it clear, it drives me crazy to hear about such things. I don’t mean to try and tell others how to live their life, but this subject not only affects them but the rest of us as well. A child of a teenage parent is highly likely to be a teenage parent themselves, and the trend continues. The consequences of which are bared by the entire community.

        From STIs to teen pregnancies, this subject is nothing to take lightly and the breadth of ways shit can go wrong is enough for us to stop and take a look back at the issues and stop using phrases like “This is Lebanon” and “Welcome to Lebanon”!

        my 2 cents for what it’s worth!

      • Your comment about the boy who became a father at 13 made me think about my brother! He is 12! Scaryyy to say the least. Sex education is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

  7. A Bare truth

    Great initiative from the Red Cross… Be safe

    • Joanna

      @youssef: I agree with you completely.. She was just asking why only AIDS, so I took it upon myself to explain the mentality.. that’s it..
      I second everything you said otherwise 🙂

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  10. I had the exact same reaction.. why only aids ? Why not educate on other forms of sexually transmitted diseases as well ?
    Glad some people are spreading sexual health awareness though, cool !

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