Burberry cake at La Mandarine

The Burberry cake at La Mandarine. Only in Lebanon!


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21 responses to “Ma32oul?

  1. Taline

    im surprised there’s no Louis Vuitton

  2. Christine

    HAHAHA! only in Lebanon. BUUUUT no matter, I bet it tastes SUPER good…..ahhh I miss Lebanese cakes and sweets. YUM!

  3. Ali El Dali

    NO WAY!!!
    Its like the Wooden Bakery staff’s uniform, or whatever they wear to bake and stuff. Its almost Burberry.
    I love that brand but this is way too much

  4. Only in Lebanon… that’s why I love it so much! 🙂

  5. Yes indeed only in Lebanon. Lebanese are amazing when it comes to being creative and different. Love the cake!

  6. seems like it sells? lol blame the customers!

  7. They should send it to Burberry… I have one question: Why?

  8. LOL I got surprised with the title of this post as well…someone is getting some progress in Lebanese slang 😛

    Only in Lebanon indeed…

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  10. -_-

    3anjad mesh ma32ool!

  11. I Don’t see what’s the big deal – It’s just a cake! What would you do if you saw what T-Square has to offer? lol

  12. This one went way over my head.. Google to the rescue ! 🙂

  13. Joanna

    mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh this just irritates me! lebanese ppl and their stuck up snobbism.. i’m sure that everyone who ate that cake was a nouveau-riche, and felt super important. Their thought process would have been something like this:
    mindless bimbo with ridiculously huge fake boobs, ginormous lips, layers and layers of make up, and a rich husband who can never be seen without a cigar in his hand who paid for all of the above:
    *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, yi cake burberryyyyy! akid mkallafon kteer.. martel jey bass e3zemon 3al 3asha bil villa bjeblon cake dolce & gabanna… eh shoo ________(insert mindless bimbo #2’s name) a7san menne? hmmm walla bjibo cake Fendi?*

    translation: *waaaaaaaaaw, omg a burberry cake! surely it must have cost them a fortune.. next time when we invite them i’ll get a dolce & gabanna cake… (mindless bimbo #2) is not better than me! hmmm or wait.. maybe i should get a fendi cake?*

    that basically outlines why everything in lebanon irritates me 😛 people are so much more down to earth and humble here.. جوانا تريد تغيير الشعب 😛

    • Asquared

      Seriously ? Its just a cake! I don’t see anything wrong with the cake. I actually think it’s cute.It has nothing to do with snobism or nouveau riche people! You’re so full of stereotypes and prejudgments!

      • Know it all

        Are you kidding? It has everything to do with being nouveau one with any sort of class would ever order something like this. Ever. It’s just another pathetic indication of how Lebanese people will take any opportunity to associate themselves with a brand just to make themselves feel better.

      • Joanna

        *likes Know it all’s reply*

  14. Danielle dear, you’re in Lebanon. This is funny 😀 in a good way. I mean, Lebanese are unique !

  15. hassan

    lol heyda la mandarine bi africa bas la lebneniyye ; facebook : la mandarine(congo)

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