Sporting in Winter

Sporting Restaurant Beirut

The view from Sporting

Sporting Restaurant Beirut

Sporting outside

Sporting Restaurant Beirut

A Mediterranean sunset..

Sporting. Not a just a seafood restaurant, but a Lebanese institution.

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, this charming eatery hasn’t changed in 50 years,,retaining its personality when many have rushed to abandon theirs..

I love this place.  I can only hope it sees another 50.


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14 responses to “Sporting in Winter

  1. Youssef Chaker

    looks calming and serene 🙂

  2. Sporting is one of the many reasons I want to come back to Beirut. I have been going there forever or for at least 35 years. During the 15-year civil war, it is the only place that gave a few of us some normalcy and sanity. And there are many days when we would dodge bullets to go down those stairs you have in the first picture. And many a sunset have I seen setting there and many a fish being brought back by the fishermen… An Almaza and small bag of peanuts there is priceless and their food, especially sultan ibrahim (rouget) is the best in Beirut. So glad you enjoy it too 🙂

  3. What a beautiful place!
    Beauty resides in the simplest things and places 🙂

  4. Lovely pictures! Looks like a really neat place to go!
    I love those kind of places that make you feel a little more specoal in your day to be able to have the experience. 😀

  5. Taline

    where is it located?

  6. Oh you bring me so many memories! I went back last summer with my friend for a sunset drink after having left lebanon more than 20 years ago. I was shocked to see it unchanged and with the same amazing character. Thanks Danielle!

  7. Paulina

    Thank you Danielle for capturing and sharing these moments with us. You are a superb person with a superb personal stye. I’m homesick just by looking at the pictures and I would give anything to be there now.

  8. LaSahely

    ive been living for 8 years in lebanon and veryyyy close to sporting but never really went there until my best friend, in love with the place, made me discover it.
    It was immediate: I LOVEEEEE it !! and it reminds of Sour, my hometown…

  9. Hal

    this is beautiful… where is it located?

  10. Jana El Husseini

    This is the best friend of la sahely in question 🙂 the pictures are beautiful, i dont want to promote the place but seriously being there in person is even better and better.. nothing tops sporting, my favorite place after home

  11. for your pleasure look up sportingclub swimmingcenter on facebook to keep up to date with the most (still…) happening spot in Beirut! WillyTheBoy!

  12. Moe

    The place I Spent most of my summers in, where you can run away from everything materialistic.

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