Do you find men in uniform hot?

So, I was standing next to DHL in Downtown waiting for a friend to come and meet me, when I spotted a DHL delivery man approaching me on this baby..

DHL Lebanon

As Paris Hilton would say, "That's hot." made me giggle..


You see, the thing is..women in the States, find men in uniform,,(policemen, lifeguards, firemen (especialllllly firemen), deliverymen, military officers, and mailmen)..well..rather hot.

Don’t believe me?  Check this out..

I present to you, the “I love men in uniform” facebook page!

I love men in Uniform Facebook page

The moderator asks, "What's your favorite uniform? Fireman, policeman, or military?"

and for all of you Naruto lovers, the “Alternate Universe fanfiction writer” competition!  Designed to see if you really have it in you to create a universe outside of the one created by Kishimoto-sama, and in which Naruto wears a uniform!!  (Enter the competition by clicking here.)

I love men in uniform Naruto Challenge

Naruto. In. Uniform. Hubba hubba...!

and the South Florida annual firefighter calendar!  (ok, to be fair..the money does go to charity..)

South Florida firefighters calendar

Eric Bacon, a Miami firefighter on the cover of the South Florida Firefighters Calendar 2010 poses for his picture

photo credit

South Florida firefighters calendar

David from Miami and his shot for the 2010 firefighter's calendar. LOL.

photo credit

South Florida firefighter magazine

Firefighters promoting the calendar..

South Florida firefighter calendar

wrong. just wrong.

photo(s) credit

and finally, the “I love men in uniform” paraphernalia website!!

I love men in uniform thong

Wear it loud, wear it proud.

(You can get this baby here!)

Now do you believe me?

To continue..

According to an article titled “Why Do Women Find Men In Uniform So Attractive,”

  1. A man in a uniform knows how to look after himself. (Who wants to be some guy’s mother?)
  2. A man in a uniform knows how to bathe, shave, and dress himself (I’m not saying the rest of you don’t . . .).
  3. dress uniform is flattering to the male figure (Ooh-YAH!).
  4. A military officer is a gentleman (or at least has really good tablemanners).
  5. The whole demeanor of a man in dress blues, or whites, or whatever is confident and dependable is very Sexy.
  6. Since a man in uniform knows all about responsibility and duty, he could well be counted on to take out the garbage. Theoretically, at least.
  7. Any military unit that has had to serve in a combat zone anywhere in the world (yep–even in Norn Irn) comes back changed. These men (if not too deeply disturbed by their experiences) know the value of a sunset. Or a sunrise.
  8. Other uniforms, not just military, work just as well, if the training behind the spit and polish is as extensive. Who is more welcome at an accident scene that a paramedic or a fireman?  Women know that they will be rescued by these substitutions for knights in shining armor.

Something tells me that Lebanese men who work as policemen, lifeguards, firemen, deliverymen, military officers, and mailmen don’t get the same type of female attention as American men who hold the same exact occupation..poor Lebanese uniform wearing men..I feel for you.

What do you think?  Are men in uniform hot?


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30 responses to “Do you find men in uniform hot?

  1. Well the men you have in your pix are super hot, but Lebanese men in uniforms don’t really take care of their bodies this way!
    But men in a Tuxedo are Hot Hot 😛

  2. A bare truth

    Girl did u see the men in uniform, at least firefighters in the US, and did u see men in uniforms here? no comparison

  3. A bare truth: i guess we have some nice looking army men 🙂

  4. Lol men in uniform in Lebanon come with the beer belly and the mustache as added attributes, definitely not hot. But if they only looked anything like those above,….!

  5. Youssef Chaker

    eh… so people realize that the guys in the pictures above are not representatives of the entire firefighter population, right?

    I know a few men in uniforms, firefighters, air force and army men (and women, but this is about the men…) and i will tell you that ONLY item number 2 from the above (A man in a uniform knows how to bathe, shave, and dress himself) holds true to most of them.

    The funny part is that the image men in uniform get is mostly due to propaganda which is then inflated with steroids (aka a women’s imagination).

    Lebanese men in uniform have never been given their due or credit. There are no fancy ‘An Army of One’ commercials that run over and over on TV, nor a calendar (and im positive we can find 12 Lebanese firefighters to put out a decent one). And this is not just about them being ‘hot’. It’s about respect and appreciation. The Lebanese people prefer to show off to and demean an officer and then go back to their friends and tell the story of how cool they are.

    so maybe if Lebanese people (specifically women) would change the goggles they use to look through at men in uniform, they would probably perceive things differently!

  6. didie

    this eric bacon guy makes you wanna set your house on fire on purpose!
    army men at the BIA are pretty hot! i mean not the men behind the desk checking out your ID but the two guys leaning nonchalantly just after the duty free zone (they even tried to talk to me in french, hot hot! :p)

  7. Lorena

    Completely agree that men in uniforms are hot, but sadly this does not apply to the pot-bellied mama’s boy cops here. No way. Think NYC cops have a great female following too lol!

    • Caroline

      Hehehehe @ Lorena. I completely agree. Please let’s not forget the beastly body hair, which is sometimes even curly…. The pot belly is nottttttttttttt sexy, really! Dani, there’s an expression in Arabic that translates to, “A man without a belly isn’t worth a penny!” So with that kind of mentality, it is extremely difficult to be attracted to them, with or without the uniform!
      What about women in uniform? My guy friends were discussing the other day how hot a women is when she’s wearing one, especially flight attendants. Come to think of it, many Halloween costumes these days are revealing uniforms; the hot cop is a big seller! Does the ‘hot in a uniform’ concept apply to women as well?

  8. Asquared

    Trust me , whatever those guys are wearing, they would still be hot.
    But get an average looking guy with no abs and muscles and let him put on a fireman costume… I don’t think he’s gonna get a lot of attention

  9. Joanna

    Hmmmm.. No they don’t really have the same appeal in Lebanon.. One of the reasons is that they aren’t known to be that attractive and they don’t promote that side of themselves anyway.. The army doesn’t exactly do THAT much tbh, and I’m not going into the reasons why, so they don’t have that OMG you fought in a foreign country you were in danger and you survived rawrrrr factor.. The most action the army has seen in the past 10 yrs was naher el

    Also agree with the beer bellied momma’s boys thing 😛

  10. ramikay

    Dani nooo! Not hot men!!! Keep writing about super-awesome things!

  11. The universal truth: Women in nurse uniforms are HOT! This is universal.

  12. They are hot only if they care to look hot.. generally speaking its a lie. They are hot on T.V., hot in fantasy, on halloween etc. otherwise mehhh… but yes I like men in uniform.. yum!

  13. Paulina

    I have never got the uniform thing.
    It does nothing for me.
    I really do not understand why women get so excited about it.
    If a man is hot, he’s hot full stop. Uniform or not.
    I’ve never found men in uniform more attractive than anyone else. I’m apparently very hard to impress.. LOL..

  14. Johnny

    Which is pretty much the same way most men find playmates, nurses (thanks Uxsoup), runway models, bikini models, lingerie models and many other types of (usually busty) models, or females with such a model-like figure, really hot.

    So why the debate?

    • It’s more than just the physical attributes of the person..It’s the discipline..the training..and even more specifically the BENEFITS (government employee benefits) that come with donning that uniform. Usually men who wear uniforms (police offers, firemen, military men) receive a tonnnnnnnn of employee (full medical and dental, and life insurance), 401k (retirement fund), holidays, overtime, stock options…just to name a few..and I will say that it is these benefits coupled with the physical attributes, discipline, and training that make men in uniform very VERY attractive.

      End of speech.

      Check out this video to hear it from another woman:

      • Johnny

        Yeah, yeah, I get it, it’s the same-old men are attracted to women’s physical appearance while women are looking for someone that makes them happy and makes them feel safe… yada, yada, yada, human evolution… blah, blah, blah… on and on (not to belittle the conversation but no time to sit and restate everything). I’m not arguing your point, in fact you’re right and I totally agree, because a lot of these attributes in the original blog post are the things that women tend to look for in a man to begin with. Men in uniform just happen to be marketed to provide you with all these items in one convenient package, just like playmates are marketed to provide “the perfect, sexy female body” also in a convenient package (sometimes it’s even a literal package – LoL!).

        I’m just wondering why some of the straight men on this thread decided to get defensive about it.

        None of the men in uniform, whether here, in the US or any other place in the world will fit this description perfectly (but your imagination will lead you to believe it is so), and neither will any of the playmates/models (but our imagination will lead us to believe it is so).

        P.S. Funny how you went off on all the “benefits”… should’ve quit while you were ahead girl. 😛

  15. Lifeguards? No
    Deliverymen? Hell no.
    Mailmen? No thanks.

    Army men? Fuck yeah!

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  17. Gass

    Loved the benefits roll .. You’re open about it unlike others 😉

  18. Delayed replies, but I am catching up this week –

    I have to say that like everywhere else, we have the good and the bad here in Lebanon. The hot men in uniform, well you would have to go check out the Lebanese navy divers and the special forces….just wow. Your firefighters have don’t shine a candle to these boys. You can see them on parade on out national day on TV if not live….and I do suggest you try to take a look at them live. (They are called the Black Panthers in Arabic and they live up to the name)

    But just as a note in regards to the firefighters in Lebanon – they are volunteers. Or at least the ones that make up out Firehouse in the village. It is not paid or their full time profession so regardless if they are smexy, I like them for their dedication.

    I find men in uniform hot though, too bad we don’t have a calendar here in Lebanon.

  19. A

    Hi, I am a journalist in London doing a feature on ‘Men in Uniform,’ – and am interested to look at whether it is a cultural thing. Could you please e-mail me as I’d like to speak with you further about this? Thanks.

  20. Sintia

    I can answer that question…
    Lebanese guys in uniforms r not hot b cuz they dnt have the money to attract women..women in lebanon LOVE guys with money and good looks and presteej(class) who speek perfect french…so guys here in lebanon arnt attractive, only the cute guys in tuxidos and sport cars and sunglasses…wats gr8 about lebanese people is that they care SOOO much abt how they look!!especially the women !!try walking in beirut and ur not going to see a single peron wearing casual clothes!!its mostly heals and lipstik and polo shirts and sunglasses and burberry and channel,etc…i mean me myself, i was shoked!! People in america r nothing like that , most of them r fat, but but in lebanon, everyone has a gr8 body and women have curves, even the ones with the hijab wear heals and stuff!!my mom is from lebanon and shes the not talking about the hijab women in saudi arabia and stuff, im talking about the LEBANESE ones!!

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