Whisky Mist nightclub set to open in Beirut City!

Whisky mist set to open in Beirut

They even have their own pin.

photo credit

According to the people over at BeirutNightLife (and Gino Raidy in particular),

Whisky Mist is undoubtedly the UK’s most exclusive and glamorous club.  With a membership policy catering to the ultra-rich and famous, you’re likely to bump into the likes of Prince William, Prince Harry, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Paris Hilton, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Guy Ritchie, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Foo Fighters, The Killers, and Kings of Leon, just to name a few…

This ultra-VIP concept is coming to Lebanon, to none other than the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel, Lebanon’s legendary 5-star hotel.  The new club will be at Le Paon Rouge at Phoenicia – the venue is being completely transformed to be true to the Whisky Mist spirit.

According to BNL’s official source:

“Open to all members and non-members who have gained entry via table booking and the guest list, Whisky Mist at La Paon Rouge,  will be open from 22.00 – on, Tuesday through Sunday.

The club’s configuration includes a long granite bar with 3 rock crystal chandeliers, and a long communal table with leather stools separated by a lighted ice sculpture where the best spirits will be chilled to perfection!!

The main bar opens to a large mirrored split-level seating area.  The VIP dark leathered banquettes will accommodate up to 150 guests, who will enjoy friendly and professional bottle service, and another 120 guests standing.

2 Super VIP booths for the ultra-glamorous and ultra-famous, will be located right in the center of the club space.”

So, the good news is, Whisky Mist won’t be membership-only, and us humans will have a chance to rub shoulders with the stars and celebs that are sure to be gracing the dance-floor of the newest addition to Phoenicia’s host of top-notch restaurants and clubs.

When will you be able to try this out? April 2011, that’s next month!”

Move over Sky Bar.  There’s a new (and dare I say better?) nightclub in town!  To register your interest, visit The Whisky Mist website.

Whisky Mist London

Whisky Mist London from the outside

photo credit

Whisky Mist London

Whisky Mist London from the inside

photo credit

Whisky Mist London

inside Whisky Mist London

photo credit

Leona Lewis at Whisky Mist

Leona Lewis getting ready to enter Whisky Mist

photo credit


Rihanna leaving Whisky Mist..(loveeee her makeup!)

photo credit

Beyonce Whisky Mist London

Beyonce leaves Whisky Mist London

photo credit

Whisky Mist, here I come!

Update: I’ve just got my hands on some exclusive, never-before-seen renderings of what Whisky Mist Beirut is going to look like!  Check it ouuuuuut!

Whisky Mist Beirut

Inside the soon to be Whisky Mist Beirut!

Whisky Mist Beirut

Inside the soon to be Whisky Mist Beirut

Whisky Mist Beirut

Inside the soon to be Whisky Mist Beirut (this bar is sickkkkkk!)



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35 responses to “Whisky Mist nightclub set to open in Beirut City!

  1. Youssef Chaker

    Jeez… talk about posh!
    but instead of Prince William we have Emir Bashir II, take that! 😛

  2. Are we going to the opening together Dani? =P

  3. more privileges for the rich and famous.. YAY!

    hate to be a buzz kill, but how about something we’re in need of for a change?

    • I understand what you’re saying Joseph..but nothing wrong with having another place to release your stress and tensions after a long week at work (and a long week in Beirut for that matter)!! In life you need a little bit of everything 😀

      • I’m all for nightlife and going out and having a good time, but I find it somehow ironic how we ridicule Lebanese show-offs at weddings and other social events, then go on promoting ridiculously overpriced places like that.

        If I want to go have fun with my friends, I can go anywhere else and buy a car with the money I would have spent on that place…

        Anyway, it seems it’s a matter of personal preference.. to each his own I suppose 🙂

    • Asquared

      Why do some people in Lebanon have so much hate towards rich people ? I seriously don’t get it! They have money, they’re gonna spend it ! What do you think they’re gonna do with it ? huh ?
      Besides, the things you need are for the government to provide for you, not a club owner.
      I can’t wait till it opens so rich people like me can have more privileges ! YAY !

  4. A

    Wow wow wow, and I used to like your posts…this one is very shallow!

    • Youssef Chaker

      wow! it’s funny to see people’s reactions to a simple post!!!
      i know that Danielle is pretty much sick of explaining to people that this blog is about her experiences in Lebanon. And those experiences can include deep subjects like the casual sex post or ‘shallow’ ones like simple sightings or events like the post about seing a marching band while in a service. So there, I’ve done it for her. Chilax! 😀

      • Thank you Youssef. I’m happy to know that you understand me and the purpose of this blog. Your comments whether positive or negative are always constructive in nature, and for that,,I thank you!!

      • Youssef Chaker

        And before anyone takes my comment the wrong way…
        I did comment on a post that dealt with night life in beirut and having clubs in hotels, so basically the exact same topic as this post. And I did voice my disagreement and gave my reasons for it.
        You can love, like, dislike or hate the topic or the post, but there are definitely respectful ways of voicing that. Lets keep that in mind!

    • MisterWhisky

      Variety is the spice of life A!!!
      there’s a bit of everything on this blog, and u don’t have to like everything. just respect people’s opinions. and in the end if you don’t like what u read, keep clicking.
      me on the other hand, i like the fact that there is finally a good clubbing destination opening up in a hotel.
      It’s strange how in a city like beirut we don’t find more active hotels in the nightlife circuit. It’ll be a plesant change to party from time to time in a glammed up fancy venue.
      Whisky Mist better bring it this summer coz i’m looking fwd to it!

    • Know It All

      You obviously haven’t been reading this blog for long. Just scroll through the past couple of posts to get an idea of the wide variety of topics this blog covers. It’s a random collection of everything having to do with Lebanon, and Beirut in specific..and that’s what I love about it. So step off “A.” And if you’re going to comment, at least make it a comment worth reading!

    • Asquared

      What’s very shallow about this post ? Care to explain ? She’s just talking about an amazing club that’s gonna open in Lebanon. I don’t see any shallowness in this post. ‘OMG Danielle you’re so shallow OMG keep posting posts about pubs in Hamra so intellectual people like mister A here don’t think you’re shallow! OMG I can’t believe you dared and put a post about a fancy place, that’s like SO SHALLOW’. Uhm , how about you take a chill pill ‘A’.

    • hardly constructive, A.

  5. I guess it’s a matter of preferences. I don’t see value of these places, but .. enjoy it, i guess..

    • Different strokes for different folks! As much as I like the chill scene in Hamra and Gemmayze, I do love to play dress up sometimes and go out and have myself a real good time! 😀

  6. Oh

    Eau de vy this, Whiskey mist that, Phenicia them. Are you dating a Salha or they’re just paying you?

  7. so cool to know! Beirut will never slow down! can’t wait till summer, yay. Thanks for posting Danielle!

  8. Know It All

    Lebanon just keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait to visit this summer! This is going to be THE place to partyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

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  10. Sarah

    Whisky Mist? In Beirut? Thats kickass! I know of one Lebanese blogger who actually has membership in Whisky Mist London – I wonder if his membership will transfer to the Beirut location… although it won’t matter since as I read it isn’t membership based in Beirut.

    BTW a great blog you have going.

  11. This is Effin’ HUGE!!!
    Can’t wait!! Another amazing high end addition to the fabulous city of Beirut!!
    Just what we need to add that extra bit to Beirut’s nightlife!
    And for those who are ranting and hating: Just because you cannot afford it, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad and horrible thing. Some people like to live large. Deal with it!
    If you got it (in excess), SPEND IT! Enjoy life!
    Peace 😉

  12. Would you look at that CEILING!!!!

  13. Mida Bakri

    Classy,beautiful,and posh!Loving this!Great post 😀

  14. OMG =P
    I have a weekly leaks rival now (A)

  15. Ziad

    BTW 1 of the 3 above celebrities is set to perform during the wm’s opening ; )

  16. Simon

    Just another place to be seen at, and for those who are willing to pay for it, then why not? I say the more the merrier. I don’t mind hitting places like it when holidaying in Lebanon.

    I see it as providing a choice, to those who don’t like this sorta places, they have the choice to go else where.

  17. enjoy darling – I am sure it will be a blast.

  18. Lost

    1st freemansons club in lebanon !

  19. william

    Hello add me GUys BBM 289443FF

  20. hazem

    hey seems so much fun
    i hope to visit one of these places in lebanon
    good choice dane
    best regards

  21. mustafa

    can you help me
    i want to go to all of these wwonderful places this summer but im not from lebanon
    can you ? just want to be a friend if you like?

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