‘Miss Call Us’ for Customer Service

Had to share this one.  Found it on a vending machine inside of my gym..

Miss Call Lebanon

Too funny. "We have someone standing buy (or waiting by the phone) to return your missed call. We assure you we won't pick up the phone so as to not cost you any units."

Reminds me of Missed Call Taxi.


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7 responses to “‘Miss Call Us’ for Customer Service

  1. If this isn’t an indication of the poverty level people in Lebanon are living in, nothing is!

  2. JimRamK

    I’ve seen the same machine at AUB!

  3. annie

    Missed call nation ,btw there’s a cell phone shop called Missed call

  4. hilarious and totally Lebanese!

  5. Caroline

    That is hilarious! They either really care about their customers, or have nothing better to do than wait by the phone.

  6. Paulina


  7. Tina

    This gives you an idea how elevated lebanese phone services are!!

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