‘No Rights, No Women’ featured in L’Orient

No Rights, No Women

No Rights, No Women!

Join the “No Rights, No Women” movement, on March 8th, at 5.30pm, at Samir Kassir’s Square in Downtown Beirut, next to Annahar building, for an open space interaction to declare your rejection of discrimination against women, express your thoughts, debate your ideas on reform, listen to real life testimonials from activists and women who are suffering, and much more…

Learn more about the event here.



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7 responses to “‘No Rights, No Women’ featured in L’Orient

  1. raniamatta

    great movement! why don’t join @nasawiya for our take back the night march on the same day after your gathering. let us all march for women’s right! check http://www.nasawiya.org for details.. good luck for all of us on this great day!

  2. woaaaah there you are!!! Great initiative Danielle !! im going to try to make it tomorrow :D:D

  3. So glad “No Rights, No Women” got the exposure. Good luck tomorrow. Wish I was in Beirut! 🙂

  4. cosmic.explosions

    Nasawiya and No Rights No Women should work and march together not separately.. Why do we like to stay divided in this country? Unity is power!!!

  5. Caroline

    They talked about it this morning on LBC!

  6. Dani’s male version is now famous *pride*
    Great initiative by all the ladies out there and for all the ladies with no voice!
    Great respect & support 🙂

  7. Diane

    In hopes of gaining support for the rights of Women Veterans who have suffered from Sexual Assault, Im asking for your help with this petition. After a woman is raped she may be pushed out of the military and branded a trouble maker. She may be denied services like necessary health care or even the ability to seek justice against her attacker. This is what happened to me and 3 others in my unit. Out of only 13 females in my unit, 5 were attacked, 4 were forced out and one was raped on more than one occasion. Those of us who were forced out now have no VA benefits while our attackers get the GI Bill to pay for their education, VA benefits for buying a home and are free to enjoy all the benefits of a military career. It is not fair and there is so much work to be done, I am choosing to start here but this will not be the end for me. I will not stop this fight until there is a fair and just military for women to serve in as EQUALS and not be treated as DISPOSABLE OBJECTS. We are human beings, we have rights. Please help me to ensure that those rights are respected.

    Please share the following link and help get as many signatures on this petition as possible. Thank you, from all of us, thank you.


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